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Star Trek: Picard Booze – CBS All Access Launches Wine Line

Star Trek: Picard warps to a galaxy near you soon.  The return of The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard beams onto CBS All Access.  Let’s see what’s out there… Engage! For Trekkers, TrekkiesRead More…


Starfleet Adopts, ‘Shut Up Wesley!’ as Official Disciplinary Slogan

Starfleet wants you to Shut Up, Wesley!  Don’t worry, it’s nothing messy.  The United Federation of Planets exploratory force won’t ask you to forcibly shut Wesley Crusher’s mouth – though some agreeRead More…


Dr. Beverly Crusher says, ‘EMH Holograms Suck Ass’

Dr. Beverly Crusher acts as Chief Medical Officer aboard Starship USS Enterprise 1701-E, serving admirably under Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  Crusher efficiently avails herself of modern medical technology.  Indeed, the capable physician isRead More…