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‘You Can’t Sing!’ Watch The New Vocal Talent Show From Crox.

You know you can’t sing. Most people can’t! Watch your fellow fools sing their hearts out and alienate all those around them

Simon Cowell had it right all along. You can’t sing!

The delightfully acerbic American Idol judge was the most critical of the trio – including Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. American Idol started the singing and vocal talent show rage which still rages on like an out of control predatory hard on. Now, we have the cure for that crazy throbbing erection!

But let’s get real about the real life musical scale. Most people just can’t carry a note even if it was sealed into a Gucci bag with cement. It’s no wonder the ultra critical Simon Cowell is going to be one of the judges in the talent show which will sweep the tone deaf lovers across the globe. Just imagine the crushing jibes he’ll give these wobbly warblers.

Tin ear? Check! Tone Deaf? Near disabled so! Then you’re gonna watch you music murderer!

Get ready for volcanic vocal fun, folks. When you watch you won’t feel as if you’re the only one who when you open your mouth to warble Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake or Beyonce wild dogs will come howling to bite you or witnesses your cats screeching in absolute agony.

Yes, you vocal yokel, You Can’t Sing ya tone deaf bastards – and ya friggin know it!