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Dr. Seuss News: The Cat In The Hat Dates Catwoman

Dr. Seuss is at it again.  The Grinch creator  has a real rollicking romance in the works.  Just ask The Cat In The Hat for the stat and then go ask that groovy Gotham gal, Catwoman,  Yep, the The Cat is dating Catwoman.

Milk & Meow & More

The Cat In The Hat is a frisky feline and his ribald rhyme time is notorious the world over.  Catwoman always shows her best claw to the underworld and her sometime paramour, Batman.  Now, these two fun felines are meowing over their milk all around town.

What’s to become of the Bat romancing the Cat?  Who can tell, but it may just mean that Batman mixes it up with a hat wearing cat – a mischief maker if there ever was one. 

When asked about the potential for a dust-up between the two, the Cat In The Hat regaled us with a rhyme.  “The Bat, he did Sat and Shat.  He tried to maul a cute, lovable Cat by rolling a Fat Mat like a Gnat combined with a fuzzy wuzzy Rat!’  Asked to respond to this, the Gotham guy spat out, “Goofy gibberish – worse than Joker and Riddler combined.  I’ll smoke the bum, ole chum,”