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Eddie Steak Serves Up A Cut Of Nonsense Rib Eye

Eddie Steak is full of nonsense?  Oh really now?  Guess what?  That’s just the way the part time Ninja wants it.  Let’s face facts:  Eddie Steak’s House is on a roll.  A kaiser or hamburger roll?  That’s your decision.  As is your choice to watch The Snyder Cut.  You either have visited the Steak’s House or you want to plan on taking a trip eventually – right?  Well, when ya do, be prepared to be met with absolute nonsense.

Yes, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a prime steak dinner with a juicy side of nonsensical ranting.

Steak Speaks

Laugh Trek sat down to chit chat with the premiere proprietor of everything steak related.  

LT:  Nonesene or not, that is the question.  Care to answer it?

ES: Nonsense rib eye is tasty and oh so warmly nutritious – what’s the downside?

LT:  Guess nothing, but you must admit it’s slightly, unusual?

ES:  Perhaps, but isn’t it also unusual to have a cut of a movie run over 40 days and 40 nights?

LT:  Um….  OK.  I don’t really think I follow.  Clarify?

ES: Not necessarily in this nonsensical order: The Snyder Cut.  The Snyderverse.  Justice League.

LT:  Ah, of course.  Not gonna let that one go – are ya?

ES: No, and when all is added up, why the hell should I?  Why should we all?  It’s a riddle wrapped in an eggshell and an enigma. 

LT:  Yummy.  I want hard boiled eggs now!

ES:  You’ll get as many as ya want at my Steak House – and all smothered with my nonsensical ranting.