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Wanda Sykes Vision: Disney + Expands The Marvel Show

WandaVision is here.  But Wanda Sykes Vision is soon coming to a streaming platform near you.  Yes, you are reading it completely correctly, comic book fan.  The beloved comedian is going to stake a major claim on Disney’s Marvel hit streaming show.  Airing on Disney +, the show already claims a sizable and loyal fanbase.  What could make it better?  How’s about a woman who knows a thing or two about being really funny.

Still Wanda Vision But Funnier

Laugh Trek sat down with a few busy Disney + producers to nail down just how this collaboration came about.  

LT:  WandaVision is earning fans left and right.  It’s like Scarlet Witch put a hex on us all.  Why tweak the equation by changing the name and bringing on a comedian?

DP: We know it may surprise a few fans, but in the end it’s going to jazz them more than having Thanos becoming Wanda and Vision’s houseboy.  Oh oh write that down, I LOVE that idea!

LT:  Yeah, right, OK.  Still not a real answer.  I mean isn’t it funny enough?  Laugh Trek thinks Wanda Sykes is one of the funniest comedians around, but is it merely because she fits well in the show title?

DP:  Look, we’re always aware of smooth marketing and promotion, so sure, having Wanda Sykes integrate well because of the name is a primary consideration.  You nailed that one, bub. 

LT:  What role will she be playing?  Or is that still top secret and off limits?

DP:  Wanda will be playing a kind of mutant who does not know she’s a mutant.  It’ll be as if Professor X didn’t locate her with Cerebro and train her so she’s on her own and discovers her powers quite late in life.

LT:  And the exact nature of her powers? 

DP:  She’ll be able to cause people to laugh.

LT:  Oh wow – so like a mutant comedian?

DP:  Exactly!  She’ll crack a one liner and BOOM you’ll laugh!

LT:  Sounds – funny….

DP:  It is and it will be!  Tune in for Wanda Vision soon to become Wanda Sykes Vision because Disney Plus wants you to laugh and to cry and be scared and to shit your pants and to experience the range of all of human emotion because we are the ultimate in all of entertainment throughout human history!