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Thor Updates Us: Hulk Farts Are Far Worse

Hulk farts much worse lately.  Believe it or not, it’s become an all out emergency for The Avengers.  This is the negative, nostril noxious update from Thor, the God of Thunder himself.  Last we checked in with him, the jolly green goliath was giddily gassing his colleagues something fierce.  Turns out that was just preparation for some truly nose burning flatulence.  

Pass The Gas From The Green Ass

It’s always a simple, yet stinky equation.  Hulk eats.  Hulk smash.  Hulk farts.  Not necessarily in that order, but you get the smelly idea.  Laugh Trek decided to catch up with our favorite golden locked Avenger bro to get his updated on the jade green gasser.

LT:  So, it’s getting much worse.  What do you attribute the increased toxicity of Hulk farts?

T:  Heed this warning mere mortal.  The Hulk farts with a wickedness which would make Loki’s evil magic gas bombs pale in feeble comparison.  

LT: Have you actually measured the stink power of Hulk’s butt biscuits?  I know it’s a dirty job, but hey, the more you know.

T: This is a curious suggestion and one I’ll take up for consideration.  Know this though my laughter obsessed Midgard resident.  Your fair kingdom just may come under the wrath of Hulk farts.  Why else do you think I’m speaking with you once again.  Gas passed from his ass is bound to bring chaos!

LT: Do you actually think Hulk farts will do real and lasting damage to the usually fragrant Earth?

T:  Will thee orchards, your pastures and farm crops not grow fair and stout?  Will your oceans boil with the brazen butt bile of my comrade in arms?  All of these may come to a sad passage.  Heed my warning Mortal – Hulk farts could be deadly to your fragile populace.