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Borg Assimilate Korg To Become More Musical

Borg Korg

Borg musical madness?  Resistance To Music Merriment Is Futile?  They’ll bring tuneful order to instrumental chaos.  Yes, my ever loyal Star Trek Trekker, it’s happening.  The cybernetic collective headed by the enigmatic Borg Queen has finally gone and done it big time.  Korg, the fabled Japanese electronic music instrument maker, has been taken over by our favorite asinine assimilators and what sweet music this dynamic duo will undoubtedly make. 

Watch… your future concerts end in applause!

I Am Locutus Of Borg Korg

He’s spokesman for the collective and former Starship captain – Jean-Luc Picard.  These days we call him Locutus and he’ll be speaking about just how synchronous it is to have his Borg family absorb the Korg crew.  We caught him between assimilating unsuspecting victims and regeneration to discuss the musical merger.  

LT: Locutus of Borg thanks for taking the time.  So, why Korg – aside from the obvious prime rhyme.

LOB:  You will be one with the Borg.  All of you will be one with The Borg

LT:  Uh yeah.  There’s only one – er one of me, but great energy there as usual. 

LOB: Your question is irrelevant.  Most all questions are irrelevant.  We wanted Korg.  They could not resist us.  No one can resist us.  We Are Irresistable  Resistance is futile.  Korg is now one with The Borg.

Borg Korg

LT: Single minded and predictable as ever, I see.  Well, thanks for confirming all we think we know about Borg predatory dominance.  At least now when we talk with the collective, perhaps we’ll be treated to a little more musicality than those blasted monotones.

LOB:  Do not try to use the saucer separation, Number One.  Remember, Riker, I implicitly trust you.  Your life as it has been is over.  From this time forward, you will service – us.

LT:  Wow.  Stubborn, aren’t we?  Talk about a company man.  Sigh.  Later Locutus of Borg Korg!