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Is The Borg Queen Seven Of Nine’s Mother?

Is The Borg Queen Seven Of Nine’s Mother? WTF? Huh? Say what!? Have ya flipped your Starfleet tinfoil hat? Sure, I know what you’re saying to yourself. Hardcore Trekkers will undoubtedly snicker heartily. They’ll say authoritatively, ‘Of course not! Annika Hansen is an Earth woman, a Borg – or more precisely former Borg drone – who was assimilated as a child along with her real parents, Erin and Magnus Hansen, bold Federation researchers who fell into the Borg collective’s clutches while observing them.

Easy peasy, right?

Yes, all quite simple, straightforward and direct. The adventures of Star Trek: Voyager brought us all closer to grasping the nuances of Borg life. Scores of humans and other species are regularly assimilated and brought into the Borg family. So why do so many people think the fabled Borg Queen is Seven of Nine’s mom?

Because in a real sense, she is her mother.

Into The Borg Wild

You can view Seven of Nine’s parents, the Hansens, as sort of animal researchers. Much like say primate pioneers Diane Fossey or Jane Goodall, who while trying their best to remain uninvolved, monitored and scrutinized aspects of primate behavior in the wild. The Hansens certainly didn’t want to be captured and assimilated, but when they were, little Anika was taken along for the Borg wild ride. And that, as best we know, is where their parental duties ended. The collective took over and Seven’s parenting was streamlined; it was supervised by Borg drones and most likely augmented and supported by those nifty implants.

It’s said that a Borg drone is never really alone – as long as they’re connected to the collective, the hive mind always keeps them company. Indeed, the cybernetic collective consciousness is always monitoring the thoughts and desires of each member of the Borg family. On top of that familiar hierarchy is the Queen herself. The Borg Queen is not only leader and chief Borg strategist, but she’s also maternal. She’s arguably big, bad momma. Here’s what she said to Admiral Kathryn Janeway in Voyager’s final episode, Endgame.

You wish to ensure the well being of your collective. I can appreciate that.

Before that, earlier in the episode, The Borg Queen told Seven of Nine, “We’re family.” Just what any mother would say about protecting her family – or in Seven’s case, child.

The Borg Queen may not be Seven of Nine’s mother – biologically. But just as is the case with an adopted child or foster family, the rearing of the individual by the adopting family has a great impact on the development of the person. In Anika’s case, as Seven, she left one collective – The Borg – to eventually join her Starfleet family, Captain Janeway’s Voyager crew.  So maybe, in the end, Seven has two Moms – one Borg, one Starfleet.