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Jurassic Park: After Dark Launches

Jurassic Park is a dinosaur paradise.  It’s also a dinosaur geek’s uber dream.  How about a place which is a tad more randy than simply a place for big lizards?  What do you think of watching randy reptiles at play?  Your twisted dreams have been fulfilled.  Here comes Jurassic Park: After Dark. 

JP goes AP

Laugh Trek caught up with the makers, shakers and overly excited takers which came up with the whole odd dinos getting busy idea

LT:  OK.  I love dinosaurs.  I love Jurassic Park.  I’m not sure I want to see their love life.  Am I a killjoy or just normal?

JPAP:  Look, it takes all kinds, right?  Even boring ones.  So yeah, don’t join in on the randy reptile fun, but you’ll be missing out on all the wacky packy tacky!

LT: What the hell does that even mean?

JPAP:  I’m not entirely sure myself, but don’t hold my extreme ignorance against me.  Next!

LT:  Um, yeah, OK.  Anyway!  Will this little passion play cost a bunch of dough?  And what about COVID-19 – the whole notion of theme parks are in trouble as it is.  How will you guys be different and most of all SAFE?

JPAP: That’s the beauty of our concept.  Jurassic Park: After Dark will be safer than your strip mall or strip club.  We will spare no expense at keeping you and your family safe.

LT: I’ve heard that before…. 

JPAP: Maybe, but know that when you come to Jurassic Park: After Dark you’ll be entertained and informed, can you ask for more?

LT: Let me get back to you on that one.