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Downton Abbey spins off Downtown Cabby

Downton Abbey spawns Downtown Cabby

Downton Abbey drove us all wickedly wild with the super contained adventures of an aristocratic British family and the exploits of their ever so fascinating serving staff.  Now, a new show will drive us anywhere we want – because Downton is getting a new vehicle, a mobile one. Here comes – Downtown Cabby.

Abbey or Cabby?

Laugh Trek was over the moon thrilled to get the livery lowdown on just how well and how quickly this Downton Abbey spin-off was coming along.

Hailing a cab around these parts isn’t exactly easy, but we pulled it off. We sat down with one of the cab drivers who will play an integral part of the veddy British proceedings.

LT:  So, you’re a cab driver or cabby plucked from the luxury of Downton – now appropriately called Downtown – what’s the focus of the series, aside from getting passengers to where they’re going.

DC:  Downtown Cabby will profile hard working drivers such as myself and my mates.  Way before Uber and Lyft and all the comfy comforts of crowdsourced transportation, blokes like me hauled your big, fluffy butts around for a pittance.  Now, our struggle story can and will be told properly. 

LT:  You know I still never have taken an Uber or Lyft – I guess I’m still old school when it comes to getting a ride.

Too hesitant of me?

DC: Maybe. Afraid some Uber driver will get the most of you, or even worse, get way too cheeky with you?

LT:  Could be.  You might have a loony, though potentially legitimate point.  I never really considered the reason off hand, but that’s certainly a possibility. 

Downton Abbey spawns Downtown Cabby

DC:  Downtown Cabby will delight you.  Our show will indulge in many such plotlines – where a customer may get a bit too forward with a cabby or vice versa.  It’s love what makes the wacky world go around and around, know what I mean? 

LT:  Wait there a dizzy Downton moment.  Are you saying this is going to be some kind of rollicking, romantic rendezvous?  You seem to be implying a love connection.  Is this old school Uber or Tinder?

DC:  Whatever you want to call it, luv, we’ll be bringing riders to their destinations and we’ll be connecting people with one another – in all kinds of unexpected and pleasant ways. 

LT:  And what of the characters we love?  What of the performers we love? Will Maggie Smith or Elizabeth Mcgovern or Hugh Bonneville show up as riders?

DC:  What’s that the educated philosophers always tell us?  One never knows, do one, lovely loverly luv? Just ride the smooth ride with the Downton Abbey and now Downtown Cabby and you’ll be headed somewhere special – absolutely guaranteed.