Star Trek: Picard engage?  Get ready for the ultimate sci-fi action TV show to warp onto CBS All Access.  The galaxy waited a long time to see Star Trek: The Next Generation once again – now streaming in a new morphed form.  Fans are eager to sample new exploits of Jean-Luc Picard.  

However, there’s one super powered entity who’s not satisfied with things.  Is he ever? Captain Picard’s old nemesis, Q, seeks to disrupt the proper proceedings by imposing a name change on the series.  Flowers for John Luck Pickerd? It looks like we’ll all be getting a bunch of bad smelling roses courtesy of the mischievous immortal.

Star Trek: Pickerd?

In the TNG episode, Tapestry, Q gave Captain Picard a taste of an alternate life and timeline.  LIke a 24th century version of It’s A Wonderful Life, Jean Luc Picard is treated to a version of himself which isn’t quite the brave and noble explorer we all know and love.  

During a key moment, Q bursts onto the scene as a flower delivery guy.  Mangling his name, Q asks for a John Luck Pickerd to deliver his boorish bouquet.  Now, Q wants that merriment to continue – for as long as Star Trek: Pickerd may run.

Laugh Trek sat down with a Q to see why our favorite, love to hate him Q is snapping his fingers for a show name change.

LT:  So, a rose by any other name….  Why is this so dang important to Q?

Q2: Q Who?  Q You? (laughing)  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

LT: Yes.  Indeed.  I can plainly see that.  Why? I have no idea.

Q2:  See here my mere matchless mortal inquisitor, Q always had a hairy hard on for this Picard of yours for decades now.  

Honestly, I don’t quite see an allure of the alluring lure.  He’s pretty bland – a small, bald primate hailing from a rather insignificant ball of H2O soaked mud.  Where’s the potential? What holds promise of anything other than mucking up the galaxy in those warp powered tin cans of yours?

LT: He does love his hobby of archaeology.  Also his family makes popular wine. They have a sweet vineyard.  That’s something – isn’t it?

Star Trek: Picard is now Star Trek: Pickerd

Q2: Poking around musty old ruins and selling rancid fruit juice drippings.  How exquisitely ordinary and boring! 

LT: You still haven’t touched on the issue at hand.  Why is Q – your Q, er, not the Q, not you Q, well you know what I mean, why is he so intent on changing the show title?

Q2:  Don’t forget tiny homosapien creature, Q was there when it first all happened for Picard.  

He was a new Captain on a brand new Starfleet flagship vessel – the Enterprise 1701-D.  A galaxy class starship. I must say, of all your many warp capable vehicles, I do have a soft spot for that big saucer.  Your Captain Jean-Luc Picard was challenged by Q during the Farpoint mission, so why shouldn’t he now come in and assert himself?  It’s like your kind has forgotten our kind, and believe you me, that’s a big mistake. Get used to it. Q is back, my baleful babies. A show title is the least you have to worry about.

One thought on “Q Changes Star Trek: Picard to John Luck Pickerd

  1. It is great to see Patrick Stewart as Picard again. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds. The production values of these new shows are off the charts, and I hope that the show really shows heart as well.

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