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‘Tribble Nibble Kibble’ Pet Food Warps From Starfleet

Tribble Kibble

Tribble Kibble

Tribble Nibble Kibble promises to be a tasty meal concoction for Federation four legged friends.  No matter if you’re a fan or foe of the purry fuzzballs, you’ll be able to now serve em up buffet style.  Starfleet R&D worked to flavor the extreme hairy critters, and soon you’ll get a bag to munch on.

Remember what a respected and universally beloved Starship Engineer once said about dealing with the randy critters:  I beamed them over – where they’ll be no Tribble at all.

Scotty, although mostly drunk all the time, was definitely on to something – but he should have broke out his trusty proto-plaser, laser knife and fork.

Nibble on Tribble Kibble 

Laugh Trek went on a snack break.  We tossed away our bags of Reese’s Pieces and Scooby Snacks and took a warp shuttle to Starfleet Headquarters.  SR&D folks had us covered. Before ingesting the choice samples, they promised us this pet snacking was more than fit for humanoid consumption.  They put out plates, bowls and bags of the fuzzy stuff – all prepared in an array of various tasty ways.

We munched out for a few hours.  When we finally came up for recycled, filtered air, we were true blue believers.  

Hey, you weren’t lying.  This stuff tastes great!

“Thanks.  We put our best quantum neuro-gel sentient qbit computers into this unique culinary development.  Ground up Tribbles don’t sound so tasty on the digital page, but when you cook and season em through trial and error, it all comes together deliciously.”

Tribble Kibble
Tribble Kibble

Yup.  Trials and Tribbleations.  Excelsior!  So – who do you think your biggest customers will be? 

“Klingon targ owners are select breed.  It’s a customer base we’re targeting. Klingons hate Tribbles.  Tribbles hate Klingons. What better way for Klingon warriors to get payback, poetic justice than to scarf down the hairy beasties.  Snack on your enemies – if it’s not a Klingon motto, it should be!”

So the targs you’ve targeted love to nibble Tribble Kibble?

“The targeted targs go crazy to nibble on Tribble Nibble Kibble.  We’re coming up with new flavors all the time, but they love the stuff we have now.  Tribble Nibble Dibble and Tribble Kibble Bibble, and the wildly popular Tribble Kibble Fibble round out our exotic taste sensation selections.  Klingon targs can’t get enough of Starfleet Tribble Kibble!”