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Rise of Skywalker spins off The Pies of Skywalker

Pies of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker implores us all to once again travel to a galaxy far, far away. Of course, all of that travelling means we’re gonna be hungry.  What better way to satisfy all of that galactic tummy gnawing then to chow down on a few meat and fruit pies. That’s right my loyal lightsaber juggling jerky boys.  Here’s the way to feel the force in your gut. The Pies of Skywalker are coming, and our taste buds and menu will never be quite the same. 

Pie In The Sky Means A Rise

Yes, Star Wars is back – yet again.  Is it ever truly gone? Will it ever go away?  Probably not, but at least we’ll all be well fed.  Laugh Trek sat down with the bakers, takers and makers of these fabled pies to learn the secret of the fantastic food force.

LT:  Skywalker knows how to wield a mean lightsaber – or two, or even three.  But cooking? And baking? Ya gotta be kiddin us. 

PI: Look, this all comes down to good food and eating, and one thing the Skywalkers know is how to roast a little meat.

LT:  Um, yeah.  I guess. Wow.  That’s gross.

PI:  Maybe.  No, not maybe, it is, but I’m getting lost in the wacky part once more, pardon me.  The bottom line is this: Rebel fighters need food. We will supply that good food by supplying them with pies.  Fruit pies, meat pies, veggie pies, fruit smoothie pies, you name it, the cries for our pies will be massive indeed. 

LT: It all sounds very fruity and very meaty.  Color me intrigued or insane. OK, then – where will these pies be available?  Can we simply walk into any supermarket and buy them? Amazon? Will our friendly hyperspace transport be able to fetch them?

Pies of Skywalker

PI: Certainly and so much more.  These Pies of Skywalker will be everywhere you look.  Tell me honestly – can you ever get away from Star Wars now?

LT:  Nope.  I’ve tried.  I can honestly say that as hard as I try, I can’t seem to escape the forceful force.  It’s scary.

PI:  Yes, it’s scary, and it will get even more frightening.  We now control basically all the sci-fi movies you see. With The Mandalorian, we control your TV sci-fi – and now with the pies, we control your lunch and dinner.  We’re working on breakfast pies as we speak.

LT:  How are they cooked or baked?  Wait a minute – I know, light–

PI:  Yes, fried up nice and golden brown in second with a true blue lightsaber – or two.  Rise of Skywalker promises action, as Star Wars always delivers. Pies of Skywalker promises good eating.  Eat the Force, Luke!