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Scrooge Hires The Grinch To Replace Jacob Marley

Scrooge and Grinch

Scrooge has a new partner

Scrooge dazzles us as a man on a holiday hiring mission.  The notorious London based businessman will stop at nothing to expand his professional endeavors.  Known all about the UK for being the surviving half of Scrooge and Marley, the elderly executive seeks to find a new partner.  He’s tapping none other than The Grinch. Shocked? Appalled?  Excited? Color us all the same and so much more, me stoke bloke.

Grinch A Cinch For Job 

Laugh Trek knows full well the fabled, near poetic power of the Dr. Seuss Headhunter Agency.  Indeed, it’s more than legendary the globe over at fitting the right person into the right story.  Now, one of their most famous and popular consultants looks poised to be hired by Mister Ebeneezer Scrooge.

We sat down with the Seuss Agency to determine just when this glorious merger will take place.

LT:  Scrooge boasts a reputation as a no nonsense boss – talk about taskmaster.  We spoke to his lowly clerk, Bob Cratchit and he gave us a real earful.

DS: Cratchit’s a good man, but honestly, he’s a bit of a drama queen.  He’s forever complaining about having enough coal for his fire, but ya know what?  The guy wears double vested wool knit garments – isn’t that enough to keep warm during cold Victorian winters?

LT:  Yeah.  OK. We’ve heard England gets real cold in Winter.  Anyway, let’s focus on Scrooge going after The Grinch.  How’d it all come about in the first place? Was he just going for a furry green partner in general, or did that all come along accidentally with the deal?

DS: Mister Scrooge contracted us to find a suitable replacement for Jacob Marley, his dearly departed partner in crime – er business! It’s been a tricky haul all in all, because Scrooge is, shall we say, frugal.

LT: Cratchit says he’s a skinflint – a real cheap bastard.

DS: Yes, well frugality doth have its arresting charms – right? 

LT:  And many would say Mister Scrooge should be arrested for employee abuse and gross negligence.

Scrooge and Grinch
Scrooge has a new partner

DS:  Cratchit loves to scratch it, doesn’t he.  Such a sweet, distracting little frigid man.  Why don’t we focus on what a grand addition Grinch will be to Scrooge.  Imagine when you see Scrooge & Grinch on that sign outside. We’re talking about the coming of a real entrepreneurial dynasty!

LT:  How do the Whos down in Whoville feel about all of this?  

DS: The Whos and especially Cindy Lou Who wish Grinch the best of luck, after all, he’s been a wonderful lurking weirdo in their mountain range for years.  Wouldn’t all of us love a strange, furry creature living in their northern regions? Scrooge and Grinch are a cinch to be the dynamic duo of commerce. And in the words of Bob Cratchit’s adorable tyke, the pitiful Tiny Tim: God Bless Us All – Everyone!