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Mandalorian Adds Baby Obi-Wan & Baby Darth Vader

Baby Vader

Mandalorian is all about the babies these streaming days.  You could say Disney Plus wants to be Baby Mama to a whole new host of Star Wars characters.  Of course, since these characters are old and classic, the trend is to take a beloved old character – such as Yoda – and turn back the clock.  Never to refuse to recycle a good or manipulative idea, Disney’s The Mandalorian seems poised to bring us all back to the nursery in one big fat hyperspace powered crib.

Laugh Trek felt the probing feel of the forceful Force, but we had to get more than just silly psychic mumbo jumbo.  We needed to obtain the high sci-fi cry on this most pressing matter. So we jumped into our sexy Skywalker wagon and whooshed on over to Disney Plus production office for a chit chat about all that and so much more.

Mandalorian or Babylorian?

LT:  The Mandalorian wants to baby us.  It keeps on taking our beloved Star Wars characters and morphing them into babies.  What’s the real deal on this infantilization of classic SW folk?

DP: Look the public bit and bit hard with Baby Yoda.  We’ve been not only selling Baby Yoda merch, but we’re selling the old fart Yoda merchandise as well too.  It’s a win win for our profit margin. You can bet we’re gonna churn out a whole bunch more Star Wars babies, baby!

LT:  Wow.  A tad shocking, no?  Isn’t that incredibly profit oriented and sadly transparent?

DP:  Of course it is, and we’re damn, dang proud of our transparency!  Is that not the call today – transparency with everything? We continue to mindlessly milk Marvel and we’re doing the same to all of our properties.  What do you think a franchise is for – admiring it from afar and not trying to make money off it? 

LT:  Frankly, I thought it was all about striking a balance.  Developing a franchise so that the fans are pleased, and this enables them to purchase associated merch and feel good about their TV shows and films.

Baby Vader

DP:  Oh yeah?  Hmmmmm…. That’s one helluva interesting idea!  Maybe we’ll try that one day. Thanks, bro bro yo-yo!

LT:  Oh!  Really?  Will you try it?

DP:  Um…  Nah! Doubt it!  LMFAO!

LT:  Wow…  I feel like Tiny Tim.  I just want to say God Bless Us All Everyone – especially you rampaging Disney folk.

DP:  OK.  Pay attention.  We don’t need blessings.  We need more subscribers to Disney Plus.  If this means our new cash cow The Mandalorian turning Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia and all of them into babies – you bet your sweet drippy bippy we’re gonna do just that!  Feel The Baby Force, Puke!