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Zach Galifianakis To Play Will Riker in Bway Musical

Zach Galifinkas will be Will Riker

Zach Galifianakis warping into the Captain Picard’s undiscovered country?  Oh yes.  It’s on its way to wreck your Trek. The hilarious comedian will not be playing an original character.  He won’t be fleshing out a new Starfleet officer, nor become a weird, sex obsessed alien. Jonathan Frakes can’t take on his usual role as he’s busy directing episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. Zach Galifianakis will be playing Commander Will Riker on Captain Picard’s Starship Enterprise.  Only this time, it will be part of a Broadway theater ensemble.

Zach Galifianakis Riker

Laugh Trek snagged a chat with the PR agent of Zach Galifinkas to sort out all the Trekker or Drekker poop on the subject.

LT:  Zach as Riker?  I guess he does look the part – and we all know that Riker is always a mischievous character, much like Jonathan Frakes himself.

Zach Galifinkas will become Will Riker

ZA:  Exactly.  We feel it’s a perfect fit – a big bearded guy who loves to laugh playing a big bearded guy who loves to laugh and play playful pranks.  Zach is raring to go and put on a Starfleet uniform.

LT:  Zach’s most famous role has to be in The Hangover movies, playing Alan as part of the fabled Wolfpack.  Any chance we’ll have any of that zaniness in the musical? Or does it have to stay strict to Star Trek cannon?

ZA:  Well there’s always room for a bit of improv, but we see it being pretty straight and Zach playing Will Riker just as fans know him.  Of course, you never know – maybe Riker will start carrying a baby around on his belly. It would be pretty sweet.

LT:  I’d pay to see Commander RIker doing that alone!  Worth the price of admission. Any chance we’ll see any of the other members of The Wolfpack coming in for play.  Say Bradley Cooper?

ZA:  Never say never, and in this case, I will never say never again!  Look, anything is possible in Hollywood. Star Trek: The Next Generation will now become Star Trek: Picard, which will soon become a stage musical.  Zach Galifiankis then plays Will Riker. The yin yang and merry go round of is fun and even staggering. We do know there will be great fun and jolly hijinks.  Other than that, prepare for surprises, because Riker is a wild card of a Trek character and you know that’s gotta factor into the formula.