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Carrot Top To Play Dr. Beverly Crusher In Bway Musical

Carrot Top in Star Trek

Carrot Top going where no comedian has gone before?  Warp 10 fun? Engage! Let’s see what’s out there on Broadway!  Yes, believe it or not, Trekkies, it’s going to happen soon. The red haired icon of stand-up prop comedy joins the Star Trek family.  Gates McFadden, who fleshed out the role back in 1987, is busy with other professional engagements. What better way to honor the iconic red head herself of Star Trek: The Next Generation than to cast such a fun and beloved performer like Mr. CTOP?

Carrot Top Crushes Crusher

Laugh Trek caught up with CTop’s publicist to see what all the space ace fun was about.  Is Carrot Top really ready for such a big role which comes with such a fanbase? How does he feel about science fiction in general?  And above all: How will he ever fill out a uniform as splendidly as McFadden does?

LT:  Never in all my wildest dreams – or twisted Coke mentos bloat nightmares – would I ever expect Carrot Top to be cast in Star Trek – let alone as Dr. Crusher.  What gives?

CTP:  Look, my client impresses as an enormous fan of the fabled franchise.  He watched Gene Roddenberry’s original series as a child growing up in the 1970’s, he loves the animated series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, you name it, Carrot knows his Trek.

LT:  Fine.  All well and good and even more, he’s a devoted fan, great.  But that doesn’t make him right for the job, now does it?

CTP: He particularly likes Beverly Crusher – and has always followed the good Doctor’s TNG adventures.  In fact, he probably knows every line of dialogue that Gates McFadden has ever spoken. How does that grab ya? 

LT:  Grabs me really great.  However, I can quote you every single line that Ensign Ro ever spoke in Next Generation, and yet I definitely know nobody is gonna cast me as a replacement for Michelle Forbes.

CTP:  CTOP is going to rock the jock of every Trekkie, Trekker and Drekker out there and you can cash that little money order all the way to the bank and beyond.

Carrot Top in Star Trek – taking over for the redhead role,

LT: Um, OK.  What in all of holy hell is Drekker?  

CTP: Isn’t Drekker bad Star Trek?  Like, ‘O, shit, I hated that Star Trek episode, it’s Drekker, cause I’m a Trekker!’

LT:  (groans) Whoa.  You got me there.  But budd, I don’t think ya want me.  Whatever!  Anyway, I’m getting more confused than Disney deciding what new company to buy and assimilate.  What does Gates Mcfadden think about all of this gender bender weirdness?

CTP:  She’s flattered a man of CTOP’s pure recognizable magical mayhem will be there to fill her thespian shoes, or red wig as the case may be.  It’s really that simple. 

LT:  Wait.  Does Carrot Top wear a wig?  I thought he was a natural redhead.

CTP:  Oh, he’s natural all right.  As natural as Dr. Crusher’s hairstyle and hair color and anything else you can name.