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Creepshow Team Opens Up ‘Evil Cackling’ School

Learn to cackle evilly with Creepshow

Creepshow is back, boils and ghouls!  Those beloved, bewitched and bewildered stories you loved to shudder at as a kid has returned as a TV series.  Appropriately enough, Shudder, the horror/thriller streaming service, produces the show as an original.  Creepshow is available exclusively only on the popular streaming platform.  

Now, since so much of these unforgettable stories involve evil characters laughing, chuckling, guffawing and evil cackling their way into our hearts, the show’s producers seek to instruct us on how it’s rightfully done.  Get ready George Romero Romeos, prepare Stephen King crazies – your dark and dastardly cackling is going to get something fierce.

Evil Cackling Giggles As An Artform?

Laugh Trek laughed its silly way to a sit down chat with the new evil laughing boars and ghouls  This gang knows how to make an evil cackle rise up and down your frightened to death spine. 

LT: Evil Cackling, really?  An artform? Come on, are we that easily fooled and entertained?  Is it so darned hard to laugh like a scheming, black hearted creature dealing in bodily harm and soul destruction?

EC: Ya know people laugh at evil cackling. We find this both sad, and of course, incredibly ironic.

LT: Laugh at evil cackling?  LOL, yeah, nice. Witty. But is it really that hard?

EC:  OK. Here’s a friendly little experiment for all you doubting Thomas and nonbelievers to demonstrate the difficult power and sheer majesty of cackling evilly. Go to a store – any store, or hell, go visit a big shopping mall, that’s even better for our needs. Now, I want you to stand in the middle of the place and try to scare people, really scare them by laughing maniacally.  Let’s just see the results you get.

LT:  You mean before someone calls the cops and mall security and has your sorry ass locked up? 

Learn to cackle evilly with Creepshow

EC: If you really knew what the hell you were doing, if you really were an expert in the artform of evil cackling and cackling evilly, guess what?

LT:  You’d attract a really weird group of friends and romantic partners?

EC:  Yes, and if you did that at the mall, nobody would call security because they’d be so shitting their pants, they’d only have time to run for the hills!

LT:  So, Creepshow will be teaching us how to cackle like an evil jackass.  Sounds good to me. Will it be expensive? 

EC:  Creepshow prides itself on the notion of pay it forward – or in many of our stories – pay it back!  The price for all this prime laugh training will be quite affordable. And for those who can cackle in a truly evil way upon admission to the course, we’ll even discount ya a few bucks.  Now, who would ever laugh at that devil of a deadly deal?