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‘Carrie’ to ‘Barrie’ – Stephen King Classic Gets Gender Reassignment

Stephen King’s Carrie morphs to Barrie?  Oh yes cool kiddies.  It’s coming soon, my loyal King Krazies.  And please, don’t say you’re surprised in the least.  Today we revel in the age of the rollicking reboot, the ribald re-imagination and the reassuring reassignment.  Get ready for it, my fiction fondling folks. King’s psychic bully busting, anti-heroine soon morphs into a new cinematic hero.

Later, Carrie – Hello Barrie!

Laugh Trek caught up with the holders of the flame to the new version.  We simply transmitted a psychic message and it was promptly answered. Will Barrie be as bold or as fearsome as his female progenitor?  Can the male Barrie terrify in the same ways as a female horror icon. We put these questions and many more annoying queries to the pandering producers of the new movie. 

LT: I simply can’t imagine Carrie as Barrie.  But obviously you guys can and will.  But why? Why would you do this?

B: Why not?  Or more pointedly, why the hell not? 

LT:  You know something.  Can’t argue with you there.

Look, Stephen King has become a veritable fountain of creative content.  He’s the old faithful of pop culture writers. He pens short stories, novels, screenplays.  Hell, I think he’s even written a slew of scary greeting cards and spooky restaurant menus.  

Fact is, Stephen King stuff equals big profit.  Gender roles are on everyone’s minds today.  The combination of those two trending topics couldn’t have escaped anyone paying even a little attention.

LT:  You’re saying it’s all about the stash of cash?  Show us all the money? 

B:  Little gets done without financial reward – wouldn’t you agree?

LT:  Yeah, you’ve got me there for sure.  So, what about the Main Maine Monarch himself – what about Stephen King?  What does he think about what you’re doing to his creation?

B:  We’ve had only good wishes from Mister King.  He crafted a very brief statement sent by his protective people.  We were comforted by this nature of his generously written note.

LT:  Oh.  Good.  Can you give us a gist of what he said?

B:  Um, sure, he said, ‘When does my royalty check clear?

LT:  Yeah.  No surprise.

B:  Yep.  The classic movie Carrie starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie is an all time classic.  It was directed by Brian DePalma. We don’t know who will direct our Barrie, but rest assured, it’ll become just as much of a classic in due course.