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Ninjas Renamed ‘Crinjas’ – Cringe At Their Appearance

Cringe At Ninjas?

Cringe at the mere mention of Ninja?  You’re definitely not alone.  And Ninjas themselves, being infinitely proactive types, have decided to take action and comply with today’s collective consciousness.  From now on, please, when you see a Ninja, don’t scream, “Whoa, there’s a Ninja!’ – simply announce to an incredulous world, ‘Boy, I’ve just seen a Crinja!’

Laugh Trek needed answers.  We sat down with a real Ninja – because why the hell not, and who else would know the real meal deal – to set the record straight.  We sharpened up our throwing stars and lightly pressed our Ninja uniform to look as presentable as possible for the chat.  After all, sitting down with a Ninja isn’t easy – or particularly common, since most of the time you can’t even track them down, let alone see em.

Ninja Crinja Binja

LT:  Thanks for the chat.  It’s really long overdue.  Ninjas fascinate us.  And although Hollywood puts out Ninja narrative, it’s fictional.  Ninjas need more exposure. We need to talk about them so much more.

N: Agreed.  We have long admired parody and satire – life’s too short not to share a chuckle or two.

LT: Yep, and in your line of work, it can even become shorter, right?

N: Absolutely!  Seize the day – or the death, as it were!  We are, after all, delirious dealers in death.

LT:  OK.  We’ve gotta get down to the shitty nitty gritty kitty.  The big name change, the big change it up, what gives? People already cringe at the mention of Ninjas.  Hell, when they see them, they really cringe. Why must we be reminded of it with an official name change? 

Cringe At Ninjas?

N:  That’s just it really.  We already get all the cringing, so why not just acknowledge it and get in tune with the vibe so to speak.

LT:  Changing with the times, eh?  Going modern?

N:  Or just going a little trendy.  I keep hearing people say cringe this and cringe that – so hey, why not morph from Ninjas to Crinjas.

LT:  Makes sense….   Will this be a permanent change?  No going back to the original and traditional Ninjas?

N:  Ninjas pride themselves on changing with the times – keeping up with modernity.  Who knows, maybe there will be another name change, but for now, Ninjas will be known as Crinjas.