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Sony Changes Corporate Name To Spidey

Sony is now Spidey

Spidey lives on – and let’s wish Sony a sweet goodbye!  That’s right true believers, the Japanese high tech company which gave us the Walkman, Blu-Ray Discs and the Playstation video game console, will from now on call itself Spidey – in honor of Spider-Man, the Marvel created wall crawling, web slinging and JJ Jonah Jameson employed superhero.  Excelsior! 

Spidey Webs Sony – That Ain’t No Baloney  

Laugh Trek needed to get our web fluid refilled.  We decided to wall crawl to the nearest Sony – um, make that Spidey – office to set the record straight on the wild name change and the overall future of Spider-Man in the Sony Verse and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

LT:  We’re actually hanging onto the side of a wall courtesy of webbing.  Mind blowing mode activate! This is too cool!

SO:  Ain’t it just the most amazing thing?  Hanging onto a wall all webbed up helps our collective creativity.

LT:  I bet.  Is there a net down there?  Ya know what, I’d rather not know – let’s pretend we’re in no danger at all, shall we? 

SO: Spidey’s webs hold everything in place like super glue.  No worries.

LT:  OK.  So Bye-bye to Sony, and a big hello to Spidey.  This is a major step. Any regrets?

SO:  Look, the Sony name did us damn proud for a long time.  But guess what? Spidey is doing us a hell of a lot more proud these days.

Sony is now Spidey

LT:  Indeed.  And Marvel is kicking itself for lots of reasons.

SO:  Disney is kicking Mickey Mouse in his tiny rodent arse.  Marvel is kicking Iron Man for not talking Spidey back into the fold. Ya know, it’s truly a beautiful thing.  Bottom line, folks: We got our grubby, corporate hands on Spider-Man now, so why not name our company after our main man. It’s Spidey all the way, comic book loving babies.  Prepare to be razzle dazzled by a continuance of Spidey in the Sony universe.

LT: Marvel is completely shut out for good?  No more MCU for Spidey?

SO:  Look, deals can always be made, right?  Is there too high a price to pay for Spider-Man to appear in a Marvel movie?  Can Spidey not be bought? We say – nah!

LT:  Cards on the table, bubs.  How much will it cost?

SO:  For our beloved Spider-Man to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe once more?  Let’s see. I know… (takes on Dr. Evil look) Merely pay us One Trillion Dollars!  Or maybe just a wee bit more! (Laughing)