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Adam Feuerberg Interview: Comic, TV Producer and Star Trek Fan

Adam Feuerberg

Adam Feuerberg loves Star Trek.  Much like Spock’s pointed Vulcan ears or Data’s positronic A.I. brain, it’s simply a fact of a fandom life.  The stand-up comic and TV producer – Wayne Brady’s Let’s Make A Deal – counts himself as a die hard fan of the legendary sci-fi franchise.  Trekkie or Trekker? Choose whichever one floats your sly sci-fi starship.  Take your pick of a fan name, but just know Adam might show up alongside you at the next Star Trek convention.

The Texas native sat down with Laugh Trek to share his deep love and admiration for Gene Roddenberry’s iconic and often terrifically funny Hollywood franchise.

What’s the funniest Star Trek – original Kirk’s Enterprise, Next Generation with Picard, Sisko’s Deep Space Nine, Janeway’s Voyager, Captain. Archer’s Enterprise or CBS All Access Discovery?  Can you specifically give reasons to support your choice? 

I’d say the funniest Star Trek is the first season of The Next Generation, whether it was intentional or unintentional. 

The show had tough time finding its legs and while I see the merits of season 1 (I’m the ultimate Star Trek apologist), “The Naked Now” is essentially a sex comedy, “Code of Honor” is racist as all hell and “Angel One” is as sexist as “Code of Honor” is racist. In the right mindset, it’s fun to watch episodes like that and ask, “What the hell were they thinking?!”

Angel One TNG
The Comedic Magic of TNG’s ‘Angel One’

Pick a favorite/funny episode. 

Why does it work comically? Fans love ‘Trouble With Tribbles’ or ‘I, Mudd’ or ‘Mudd’s Women’ – or unintentionally funny eps, such as ‘Spock’s Brain’ or ‘Way To Eden’  (if you’d rather, pick the funniest film)

I love “Deja Q” when Q has to be human. John de Lancie is so funny as a Q who has been kicked out of the continuum and really, de Lancie is hilarious as the playful foil Q to Patrick Stewart’s stoic Picard, but up to this point, Q was infallible. Now that he’s been challenged to live a mortal life, nothing is funnier that Q complaining about feeling hungry and ordering ten ice cream sundaes. 

Who’s your funniest Trek character pick?  Logical wit of Spock? Charismatic Kirk? Noble, intellectualism of the polished Picard?  Playful mischief of Riker? Klingon whimsy of Worf? Choose anyone from any series or a combo.

For the same reasons as listed above, I think Q is the funniest character in Star Trek. He has the best lines (“Hello Worf, eat any good books lately?”). John de Lancie better be coming back in “Picard” or they are wasting everyone’s time!

Q tangles with Guinan in ‘Deja-Q’

How does Trek work as a fan to you?  In a more analytical way and more careful exploration, how does it work to you as a professional comedian?  Bottom line: Why is Star Trek so damn funny?

Trek is funny when it doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like everything else in life. 

There are times when the show is a little over-the-top with its seriousness (Saru’s “death” scene, anyone?) but I do love when the universe gives its characters opportunities to act like children, like in TNG when the characters are literally turned into children. Seeing Guinan teach Ro to jump on the bed is one of those moments that remind me what it is to be silly just because that’s an important part of what makes me me.  And when a show about exploring space can do that, well then my dumbass can do it too.

Over the years, have you noticed many contestants on Let’s Make A Deal dressed up as Trek characters?  If so, can you describe the best or funniest ones?

My favorite characters are when people dress as Geordi because I like to see how people will try and recreate his visor. I’ve seen people actually have an authentic looking visor, just use sunglasses and then those in-between ones that look like they’re off Turkish Star Trek, those are actually my favorites!

Levar Burton Geordi LaForge
Geordi LaForge Wardrobe Test

What’s the greatest reward working on Let’s Make A Deal?  What gives you the best satisfaction on your job?

I love working on Let’s Make a Deal because of the team of people with whom I work. It’s rare that a crew of hundreds of people get along so well and work with each other just as compatible. 

It’s also rewarding giving away cash and prizes to people everyday, but I look forward to showing up to work everyday because of everyone to whom I get to say “hello” every morning.

Adam Feuerberg & Borg Beer?

Anything else you’d like to talk about or share with us?  Any new projects brewing or coming we should know about?

I’ve got a few things going on at the moment: I run a standup show with my friends Shannon McLendon and Brandon Brocato at Larry’s in Venice, CA every Monday night at 9pm called “Sindicate.” 

I’m also part of a group called “The Sons of Carpenter” and we’re now watching John Carpenter films and breaking them down from our different perspectives on a podcast. The group includes Brian Foster, Andy Maiorano, Bryan Stratt, Tony Guzman and Ryan Grassmeyer and we’re working to put up a new episode every week on SoundCloud!  If you ever want to look up what I’m doing, just go to my website (http://adamfeuerberg.com) adamfeuerberg.com or check out any or all of my social media at @adamfeuerberg!