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Chris Pine to play Wonder Woman in DC Spin-off

Chris Pine Is Wonder Woman

Chris Pine follows Natalie Portman’s lead.  Marvel recently announced the actress will become the God of Thunder.  So, comic book fans, if Portman can become Thor, why can’t Pine throw the magic lasso?  Your gender bender dreams are coming true – as Pine will play Wonder Woman in a sparkle magic spin-off.  Steve Trevor, get ready for change!

An Amazon Man Can

Laugh Trek polished off our ancient armor and practiced throwing a lasso- magical or not.  We had to get to the heart of the comic book movie matter – or at least get a better idea on what DC has in store for Wonder Woman devotees.

LT sat down with a few DC development executives to get the skinny on the new WW’s new gender identity.

Gal Gadot impresses us as Wonder Woman.  Why do any of us need Chris Pine to slip into some kinky WW boots?

Look, the creative trend today is take a well known, beloved character and change them – change their sex, change their race, change their minds.  Or is that change our minds? Bottom line: Chris Pine is raring to go as the new Wonder Woman. Natalie Portman shall wield the magic hammer, while Chris Pine will throw the magic lasso.  It’s a simple geeky equation.

But aren’t Amazons only women – isn’t that the whole premise of Wonder Woman?

Sure, but anything can happen in a comic book movie.

And anything will.  Just watch our nifty little writers take the traditional female icon and gender reassign.  

In Norse mythology, Thor has always been a male.  I see your point.

Yes, and if Marvel can do some nifty gender swap, we at DC can do the same with one of our most powerful and profitable characters.

Chris Pine Is Wonder Woman

Is this a definite trend for DC with other well known characters?  Will we see Lois Lane become Superman?

Well, we still have Supergirl – so we’ve got that covered. In fact, if you know your DC lore, we usually have a female analog for nearly every major character.  

Wow – that’s so true.  Batgirl… Supergirl…. Yeah.

Yup, exactly.  We’ve been honoring gender roles for decades now.  But if Marvel wants to play our game, since they don’t really have many female similar characters, then by all means bring it.  Chris Pine will look great in the Wonder Woman boots and bikini. Will he wear a tiara and make-up? Get ready to find out!  But I’d say the preview pictures prove Pine looks pretty in his test wardrobe and make-up.