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JJ Abrams Clones Himself To Make More Movies and TV

JJ Abrams Clones

JJ Abrams helming a new episode of, Attack Of The Clones?  Michael Keaton helps him reboot, Multiplicity?  Whatcha talkin bout, sci-fi geek Willis!?  Maybe…  Apparently.  The Disney Star Wars director and producer is going one better and bolder.  The long time veteran of Hollywood movies, including Star Trek, and television, Lost, will go where no film producer in his right mind has gone before.  He’s going to clone himself.  The Rise of Skywalker or The Cries of Skywalker?

Infinite DIversity In Copies?  Multiplicity for real?

Clone Long and Prosper

Laugh Trek wasn’t sure about the validity of this brazen bombshell – since there’s so much fake news in the news today.  Deep fakes – is that anything like eating corn flakes in deep cream? No matter, we decided to get to the source and talked to a few Hollywood executives in the know.

LT:  Abrams is truly cloning himself – it’s a done deal?  This isn’t one of his wacky movie or TV show plots? Felicity gone wild?

HE:  That’s the skinny, my inquisitive Minnie ginny.  The grapevine claims some Chinese company is doing the copying honors.  I think they’re talking to Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as well. Soon, we may have way too many clones of billionaires soon.  Watch for it.

LT:  Abrams is a billionaire?  Nah. Don’t think so.

HE: Well, no, but he’s doing well, of course.  Certainly his work is in such demand, he needs to spread himself a bit more thin.

LT:  Yeah, but don’t even clones need a lot time to grow, mature and develop into the person they’re emulating?

HE: They’re churning em out now like 3D printing supposedly.  Only requires a few days till the clone is up and running – and writing, directing and filming, in the JJ clones daily chores, I’d imagine.

Attack of The JJ Abrams Clones

LT:  I wonder if he’ll call them Jar Jars – you know, affectionately.  Come here, my little Jar Jar Binks clones. My little JJ’s…. 

HE:  Doubt it.  That’s a bit of a sore point with him, remember.

LT:  Oh.  Yes.  Right.  OK, that’s a good point.  Hmm.  Wonder how much they cost….

HE: JJ Abrams most likely will place it under budgetary expenses.  Disney will pick up the tab. Practical FX – props – etc – something like that.  Star Wars has a pretty hefty budget, so I doubt they’ll even noticed. Rise Of Skywalker has most likely put the budget up into the stratosphere.