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Life Alert Launches Lonely Alert For Lonely People

Lonely Alert Saves Us From Loneliness

Life Alert wants you to be less lonely.  The protective kings of protecting people in their homes from medical issues or intruders now seeks to keep people company.  Lonely? Know someone who is lonely? Lonely Alert will be there for them to abolish the dread specter of loneliness.

Only The Lonely

Laugh Trek gets kinda lonely sometimes.  Don’t we all? But we’re not one to whine about it.  We sat down with the newly christened lonely busters to not be so alone.

LT:  Life Alert has touched so many lives and saved so many of them as well.  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!  Etc.  How will Lonely Alert do the same – or similar? 

LA: Thanks for the endorsement.  Lonely Alert is structured to do just that – alert our crack team of counselors and advisors – some call us Companions – to bust up that lonely mood.  

LT:  Great.  Honestly, I’m feeling less lonely already.  How’s it work?

LA:  Our Lonely Alert station is installed in your home.  Much like Life Alert, it’s a voice activated and monitored device.  

LT:  Yes, so like Alexa or Echo or Google Home – it’s there listening to you.  It’s always listening.

LA:  Well, yes, but it only really listens when you want it to.  You know – the wake word. In our case, it’s I’M LONELY! You sort of scream it and we’ll definitely listen. 

LT:  Wow.  Interesting.  I scream I’m lonely all the time – yet nobody pays me much mind.

Lonely Alert Saves Only The Lonely From Loneliness

LA:  See.  Get yourself a Lonely Alert and things will change on that front but quick!

LT:  Can you give up some real life examples of Lonely Alert changing the face of loneliness as we know it?

LA:  Sure.  Be glad to do so.  The other day, I trained a new Lonely Alert Counselor – or LAC.  Around the office, we joke around and call ourselves Lackeys! Anyway,  our wet behind the ears LAC was a bit hesitant about diving right in, so I helped her transition.  

Mrs. Fitzsimmons from Sacramento, CA screamed, HEY, I’M DAMN LONELY!  Now, when our customers adds a ‘damn’ or ‘dang’ – we know we really must act.  I proceeded to speak with her about her beloved BINGO playing, the many cats she owns and the feral ones she feeds on the streets.  We talked for an hour about the many coupons she’s been saving up for dollar days in town. She became fully engaged and even offered to knit me a sweater.  This is the kind of truly life changing service we offer to the lonely.

LT:  OMG!  I love Dollar Days!  So great!

LA:  Yes.  See you need to become a Lonely Alert customer as well.  We never tire of talking about stuff like that – it’s not just our job, it’s a definite passion.