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Star Trek: Picard Spin-Off Show Already In Production

Doggy Trek?

Star Trek: Picard hasn’t even been released, yet a spin-off has been officially greenlit.  CBS All Access, once again rushing to the sci-fi well which icon Gene Roddenberry created, has given us Discovery and Picard TV shows.  This kind of space trek will be barking up a furry tree. Now, it approaches.  Prepare for – Star Trek: Dogs Of War.

War Dogs or Trek Dogs?

Laugh Trek barked loudly and howled like idiots – all to let the dogs out!  We ceremoniously let loose The Dogs Of War.  After asking our staff:  Why the hell not? What better occasion to release cool combative canines then to usher in a real dog trek?

After properly exercising our pooper scoopers to clean up after our well fed canine crew, Laugh Trek leashed up a few amiable TV suits to chew a bone on war dogs.

LT:  Cry havoc!  And let slip the dogs of war!  Getting us all in the proper mood.  Like?

WD:  That’s our prime motivational phrase, our Prime Directive! We’re gonna let the dogs out – amazing Trek dogs from outer space that is!

LT: So, in Star Trek Picard does our legendary Jean-Luc Picard search for dogs and then find dogs of war or does he help breed dogs of war?  What’s the deal?

WD: Picard will definitely search for dogs – but his quest and journey looking for war dogs won’t end with his show – therefore we needed a solid spin-off.  

LT:  So much new Star Trek.  I can barely keep up.

WD:  IKR.  And much more is coming!  Don’t worry!

Star Trek Picard Spins Off

LT:  Honestly, I’m a bit worried – but intrigued.  What kind of powers and abilities will these War Dogs exhibit? 

WD: We toyed with making them Changelings – you know shape shifters from Deep Space Nine, but then realized the complexities of the Dominion would have to be involved and that’s a bit much.

LT:  A bit much for the fans, or a bit much work in terms of conception and writing?

WD:  Both.  We want to get these shows out in the marketplace for streaming on CBS All Access ASAP.  Who cares about development – let’s get Trek back on track!

LT:  Who cares?  Hmmm… Then, I must ask, why should we care about Star Trek: Dogs of War?

WD:  There will be dogs!  Dogs are cute! They are trendsetting and trendy!  You feast on video game like CGI.  On starships and transporters and, did I mention DOGS?  Yes, Star Trek with warp drive, phasers, photon torpedoes and furry, funny and friendly dogs!  We’re gonna let the dogs out!

LT:  Yeah.  You said that already.

WD:  We can never say it too much!  Live Long and Pooch! Let’s see what dogs are out there.  Beam up the dogs, Scotty!  

LT:  Wow.  Thanks…..  I’m doggone confused.