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Star Trek: Picard Now Called Star Trek: Pit Bull

All About A Man & His Dog

Star Trek: Picard evolves before our sparkling eyes.  Yes, that’s right. Get ready for enormous change.  It’s yet another trek show name game. The newest Trek trek to be crafted for CBS All Access isn’t content to keep its original name.  First named for Jean-Luc Picard, legendary Captain on creator Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, now because of the former Starfleet Captain Picard’s dog, a Pitbull anchored dog trek is headed our way.

Will this canine carnival really be one for the dogs?

Picard Pet To Be A Real Dog Star

Laugh Trek took a quick trip to the doghouse to figure out why Picard was ditched for Pitbull.  We adjusted our dog collars accordingly. Finally, we sat down with a few show executives and munched away on plenty of yummy dog treats.  Dog biscuits only for our four legged canine friends? Jean-Luc! Say it isn’t so!

LT:  Picard is now Pit bull.  WTH? What gives? What’s going on here exactly?

PB: Star Trek has produced a long, fabled history of incredible television series names.  Next Generation promised its fan a brave new world of modernity. Deep Space Nine invited Trekkers to board a massive space station – full of intrigue and obscene, exotic alien pleasures.  Voyager stranded our fans in space.  Now, with ST: Pitbull – we’re going straight to the dogs.

LT:  What does that even mean?  I mean really now, I’m serious.  What does that mean?

PB:  Look, pit bulls are trendy.  Get it?  Simple!  Sheesh!  Having pets and dogs are always cute and trendy – right?  We wanna be trendy.  If this means ditching Jean-Luc’s historic surname for the most generic, trendy pet around these days – so be it.  Do you know what we’re paying Patrick Stewart?  We want this show to be a hit.  

LT:  Any little thing that helps?  No matter how shameless?

PB:  Absolutely.  Look, if our writers came up with a French Poodle for him, the show title would be Star Trek: Poodle.  Ultimately, it’s a compelling and elegant, even an exquisite creative equation.

All About A Man & His Dog

LT:  What about teasers?  Spoil our fat asses. Spoilers or anything else we should get ready to watch and prepare to see unfold?  

PB:  A man and his dog.  Keep this in mind.  A man and his dog.  

Jean-Luc Picard shall be a man lacking a true, solid purpose – that purpose will now be firmly centered on his dog.  He was a Starfleet Captain – one of the most decorated and respected in history. Now he roams his family vineyards with a dog.  This will be high, hysterical drama.  ST: Pitbull promises to rock the socks off dog lovers and Trek fans everywhere.  It’s going to a barking good time, babies.