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CBS All Access Launches ‘Shark Trek’ Sci-Fi Show

To Swim Where Few Have Swum Before... Trek of Sharks...

CBS All Access wants us all to swim with the fishes.  Specifically, they want Star Trek fans to unite with shark fans into one big, bloody clump.  Shark Trek splashes forth. A new series boldly dives where no shark exploratory show has gone before.  At this rate, before ya know it, we’re gonna need a bigger Starship. Look out, Shark Week, Shark Trek warps after you – with teeth as big, bad and powerful as a Starship warp core bleeding anti-matter.

‘Shark Trek’ This Show Has Got Bite

Jaws.  Deep Blue Sea.  The Meg. The Reef.  Shark Night. The Shallows.  Big hungry fish mean big film thrills.  For decades now, USA’s Hollywood and movie makers all over the globe serve us up crimson soaked chum chunks of cinematic shark fun.  Star Trek’s famous for serving up sci-fi space merriment. Now, CBS All Access joins together the ferocious forces of fish with photon torpedoes.  Set your phasers on a fish focus – get ready for Shark Trek!

Laugh Trek rifled around our tackle box, as we sat down with the sharp toothed producers of this fishy tale.  We bought tons of tasty fish food to keep everyone happy. 

LT: Searching for sharks in outer space?  WTF? Where’s Captain Quint when ya need him?  Are we talking a gritty, sci-fi nature romp full of Nat Geo or Discovery Shark Week hi-jinks or simply a sad, comedy catastrophe?

Swim Where Few Have Swam Before… 

ST: Let’s get real and honest here, shall we?  Our team won’t hurl any bull shark shit your way.  We’re simply tired of only seeing sharks in water – especially only encountering them in the ocean.  Why not go explore the cosmos and stumble upon a few big toothed fish?  We are gonna do it. You’ll see.

LT:  Who can we expect to be the best shark hunter in space?  Or will it always be a joint effort among the various Starfleet crews?

ST: If you know your stuff, then you’ll recall that the legendary Captain Kirk chased plenty of tail during his time.  This won’t change much, except now he’ll be chasing shark tails. Star Trek may be all about the stars – been there, done that.  Shark Trek will be all about collecting specimens of exotic space sharks.  And that my skeptical friend shall be worth the fantastic journey!