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Star Trek: Discovery Adds Channel To Show Title

Discovery Channel Trek?

Star Trek: Discovery Channel?  Huh?  Say what, Sir Starfleet?  Yup, pup.  You’re not traveling within a spooky mirror dimension.  You’ve read it more than correctly, my sci-fi loving fanatic fan.  The newest Trek available on streaming TV – CBS All Access – hopes to gain more publicity or exposure by appealing to fans of The Discovery Channel.  Confused?  So are we.  Maybe it’s all for the best.

Star Trek: Discovery Like Discovery Channel Is About Exploration

Laugh Trek geared up its powerful warp drive to travel far beyond the stars.  Star Trek is always about exploration and star hopping, now it appears it will be all about cable television.

The lovely laughing boys and girls at Laugh Trek stifled our laughter for a bit.  We sat down with a few producers at Discovery Channel to pick their fevered brains on such an awesomely wacky topic.

LT:  Thanks for the sit-down – or wait, maybe that’s gotta be called warp down?  We warped our fat butts to get here. In any case, how’s the news on the name change sitting with you guys?

DC:  Remember, we were here first.  We are The Discovery Channel.  No amount of title confusion will change who we are or what we do.

LT:  Good point.  What exactly do you guys do?  We don’t watch cable TV much anymore.  Remind us. Refresh our faded memories.

Discovery Channel Trek?

DC:  We simply do it all.  Our team discovers the world, the galaxy – the very cosmos itself.  We are the original and authentic discovery people. So take that starship people – or whomever you guys really are.

LT:  Is it even a little flattering to hear about the Star Trek change?

DC:  It’s just odd.  We’ve been great admirers of Gene Roddenberry’s universe for decades now.  You could even point to many of us being influenced to become Discovery Channel producers because of sci-fi and Trek.  Other than that, we’re not quite sure what to say. Flattery goes a long way when it’s about something substantial. Names, titles – by any other name…  Who cares ultimately.  Maybe they’ll get really desperate and launch a Shark Trek – like our Shark Week.