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‘Moon Poop’ NASA Shit Show Flushes To Netflix

'Moon Poop' Oozes Forth

NASA launches a real shit show.  Wait, a breezy bathroom break! Why would America’s premier space explorers brag about pooping?  Simple. When a show you’re producing is about producing astronaut poop, the shit has gotta hit the fan.  Moon Poop oozes forth to assail our cultivated senses.

Scotty, beam my big load of shit up!

We all know too well that potty stuff embarrasses the more bathroom sensitive among us.  Too pooped to properly poop about pooping? Laugh Trek’s got yer bashful butt covered.

NASA New Shit is ‘Moon Poop’

It’s not an often discussed subject, but the simple fact is all those Apollo astronauts had to evacuate more than just rocket fuel.  When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And boy, did the Apollo moon men go and go. Close to one hundred bags chock full of urine, feces and vomit accumulated onto the lunar surface.  Yes, Virginia, the moon isn’t made of cheese! Now, NASA seeks to exploit all that putrefying shit into something incredibly wonderful.

You know, something truly craptacular.

Laugh Trek went straight to the odorous source of all the cosmic crap.  Just why on Earth – or on the Moon, as it were – would NASA produce a big TV turd?

LT:  With all the existing crap out there in TV land, why does NASA want to create even more reeking shit?

N:  We hope our particular brand of poop elevates the whole dialogue of waste removal.  As we as a species branches out into space, it’s important we’re aware of just how much shit we’re creating and depositing on planetary bodies.

LT:  Come tidy bowl clean, my starry eyed professional poop purveyor.  Do astronauts poop more or less than the common man or woman? Is it a question of how much goes in dictates on just what comes back out?

‘Moon Poop’ Oozes Forth

N:  Pooping comes about as a direct result of the amount of solid food and liquids one consumes on a daily and even weekly basis.  Therefore, if you load up too much, you’re gonna get rid of quite a few loads.

LT:  How about farting?  Is methane madness any real concern to the folks at NASA?  Does farting go a long way to making enemies while operating in the close quarters of space exploration?

N:  Farting has its stinky place among the stars.  The safe expulsion of gas is healthy. In our hydroponic labs, farting can be more than a helping gassy hand to our crops.

LT:  How about marketing Moon Poop merch?  Ya know, fake moon turds and such? Lunar Loads galore even.

N:  Gee, how incredibly crass and vulgar you’ve become.  NASA isn’t known for dealing in such no class, low rent shit, but why the hell not.  Fake doggie do is a classic – fake Moon Poop just may take off too.