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Tony Awards To Be Renamed The Stony Awards

Tony Awards Are Changing

Tony Awards are once again a delightful memory. You rooted hard for your favorite play, actor and playwright to win. Your favorite musical got shut out.  Beetlejuice just couldn’t bring the supernatural enough to win it.  James Corden annoyed you, but at least you saw a live show.

What about next year?  Well, if the playful, progressive producers of the Broadway theater spectacular get their way, the Tony Awards will be renamed The Stony Awards. Ready to take a chance on a terrific theatrical toke?

A Tony Award Is Actually A Stony Award

Stoners love to watch the Tony Awards. Shocked? You only thought snobby, fashionable theater people watched the show? Think again, my ditsy, doubtful Dora.

Laugh Trek got way past all the smoke and mirrors to inquire more about this earth shattering name change.

LT: Aside from the fun and frolic in the new name – why rename Tony Awards, the Stony Awards?

ST: Look, people are watching TV shows in a more, shall we say relaxed state of mind. Ya know, really relaxed.

LT: Come on – we know what you mean. You’re saying folks are stoned. Right?

Tony Awards Are Changing

ST: Drunk, inebriated, stoned, what have you. Folks aren’t just snacking the night away, they’re toking themselves into tomorrow.

Couple that fun fact with more states aiming to legalize pot, and you’ve captured our mindset. CBD oil is all the rage in massage oil, cupcakes and brownies. We as entertainers have to keep up with the times. They are a changing and going up in smoke.

So yeah, we think it’s fitting that The Tony Awards will be renamed The Stony Awards.

LT: Why don’t you hold the next show at the Stone Pony – You could advertise it like this:
Here comes The new Tony! Now caled Stony, coming at ya live from the Stone Pony!

ST: O wow, I love it. Genius!  Lemme write that down now  – thanks!