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Geordi La Forge & Harry Kim Launch Starfleet Dating App

Geordi & Harry want you to learn from their mistakes

Geordi La Forge and Harry Kim team up for the good of singles everywhere.  These two crackerjack Starship veterans urge you to take the dating plunge.  They encourage all of us to socialize intimately more often. Yep, we’re talking rollicking, ribald romance.  The two long time Starfleet veterans launch a dating app to help realize a lofty loving goal. Come with us now on a strange, cosmic journey.  Set your roving engines to Warp Factor Mingle. Let’s get more familiar with the daring dating ways of Starfleet’s elite.

Geordi La Forge & Harry Kim – Romantic Role Models?

How many dating apps can ya shake a stick at?  Does anybody shake sticks at anything anymore? Whatever your preference for getting to hot, heavy and randy to the candy, the facts of life remain thus: dating apps can overwhelm us.  Whether your straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender – or even trans-alien – I’m looking at you Geordi (Identity Crisis), dating isn’t easy in the present nor the far flung future.

Laugh Trek sat down with a few choice LaForge Love app developers to pick their romantic heavy brains on the new project.

LT:  So, why LaForge Love?  Why not Kim Karnal or even Horny Harry or something?

AD: With the LaForge Love app you’ll be forging your brand new, shiny love!  Nice n catchy, right?

LT: Forging love.  Hmm. Yeah. OK.  Got it. And why is this app so darned different from all the ones Federation citizens already utilize?

AD:  Look, when you have two lovable losers like Geordi La Forge and Harry Kim, what can go wrong in love?  EVERYTHING! These two romance rock stars will show us how they went wrong – so in the end, ya gotta go right.  Or at least way better than they ever did.

Geordi & Harry want you to learn from their mistakes

LT:  Ahh, I see – so set an example of how not to date and thereby you’ll get luckier with the ladies, men and aliens?  Nice.

AD:  And the best part is the advice from Kim, LaForge and even Reginald Barclay.

LT:  Lt. Barclay will be offering romance advice?  Say it isn’t so!

AD:  Just imagine it – Lt. Broccoli Barclay himself will rock your romance world with more than a few of his dating tips.  It doesn’t get any better than that – unless Troi acted as your Goddess of Empathy. Trust us, we’re still working on that one.