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Captain Marvel VS Capn Crunch – May The Best Capn Win

Captain Marvel & Crunch Master

Captain Marvel flies oh so insanely high.  Marvel wows us as the new high flying, super powered name from Marvel Studios.  She’s got the flashy powers and the big balls to the walls action fans love. However, there is another.  Dwelling amid our vast pop culture landscape, there exists a veteran, decidedly sweet, super powered Captain.  His name accurately reveals his life’s breakfast empowering mission. He’s known far and wide as jolly purveyor of sweet, crunchy cereal.  Is there room enough for both Capn Crunch and Captain Marvel? Only a measured engagement of the two, a confrontational contest can say for certain.

Marvel’s gal pal VS breakfast’s bad crunch boy ?  They’ll soon mix it up. We had to get a good spoonful of this forthcoming marvelous match.

A Seafaring Crunch Guy Is A Marvelous Captain Marvel

Laugh Trek ordered up a case of Peanut Butter Capn Crunch and a milking cow, to achieve the freshest cereal crunching experience possible.  In between heaping bowls of the PB encrusted corn nuggets, we chewed the sugary fat with a designated Crunch rep.

LT:  OK.  Full disclosure to start us off.  This stuff is so great.  I used to live on it as a kid, and look how I turned out.  Capn Crunch remains a hero of breakfast cereal chomping champions everywhere.

CR: We’re glad you like, and we’re also more than glad to point out that this cereal infused energy plays a vital role in Crunch’s contest with Captain Marvel.

Please, be advised – our cereal is super powered, eat wisely.

LT:  Are you plainly saying by eating your cereal, the Capn arrives at a kind of pugilistic Nirvana?  That, in essence, he becomes one with the milk soaked cereal, thereby becoming one with our quantum universe, and, in so doing, ultimately becomes unbeatable – even by the great Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel & Crunch Master

CR:  I sure dunno how you rambled into that odd one, but hell yeah – I like the sound of your strange, gibberish fueled ramble!

LT:  Cereal… taking on full, bio-luminescence effect.  You can see what eating all of this PB Capn Crunch does to one’s psychic sense of witnessing destiny and divining the far flung future.  It’s all so crystal clear to me now….

CR:  Yeah, well that’s just really wonderful.  Stop scaring me, please. And stop eating all of that Peanut Butter Capn Crunch, it’s way too powerful to eat so much at one sitting!  Cereal side effects can be life altering!

LT:  Just one more bowl… Soon, all the enigmatic secrets of the known universe, and far beyond the brilliant stars, shall be divulged unto me.  Ommm…. Shanti…. Ommm….. Oh joyous multi-verse, I can see Captain Marvel doesn’t stand a chance against the Capn. After such a sugary cereal high as this one, he’ll pummel all challengers into so much sugary stardust.