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Eat Pray Love Sequel Eat Fart Poop Coming

Eat Pray Love More

Eat, Pray, Love is the bouncy book we all love to love.  It’s also sorely in need of a spirited, kindred kind of sequel volume.  Given up on finding the right book? No worries, one swoops down to address just what ails you.  Now, take back confidence in life, and most of all, celebrate your daily diet. Soon to be published, Eat, Fart, Poop, takes a leisurely look at life from the delicate dinner table to the randy restroom.

Eat Fart Poop Equals A Good Life

Laugh Trek got an advance book copy, and we’re glad.  Eating, farting and pooping can be truly tricky. Indeed, any advice we can glean about a better fart or poop process in our life is most welcome.

We try to practice what we preach ot poop.  So we sat down with a publisher rep and picked their brain clean about meals, gas and evacuation.

LT  We all want to eat better, fart louder and poop, well, poopier.  What’s the saucy secret to those sacred three?

PR Eat whatever the hell you want, never over indulge to the point of exploding.  Fart whenever you get the chance. This is the simple advice for the layman.

LT  Is that all?  Seems simple – or even simplistic.

PR  Look, when we eat, we get gas.  We must fart it out. We gotta rip em out.  If you don’t freely fart, it can build up. Not a pretty picture in the least.  In the end, we all poop, or at least we should be, and by eating well and farting freely, the poop to the poop comes quite easily.

Eat Pray Love More

LT What about farting in public – is that always ill advised?

PR Public farts are a fact of life.  You’re minding your own business walking in say a Target or Walmart and BAM!  The air around you is rancid. Who did that nasty deed? Where’s the culprit who cut the cheese?  They could be the shoppers a few feet away.

Basically, the trick is farting so you get clean away with it.  Fart in as free a space as possible. Try your best to fart when you’re not in earshot.  But rip those air biscuits. Bake em good, cause if you don’t, things are gonna back up.

LT  Eat, Pray Love talked about a whole balanced life – it proffered advice in every way possible.  How does this book measure up?

PR  Eat, Fart, Poop focuses on our nutritional intake and the healthy expulsion of sustenance.  When you get down to it, that’s the primary essence of life. We’re proud of publishing this book – for all those who eat, fart and poop.  And in the end, isn’t that all of us?