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Star Trek: Picard Booze – CBS All Access Launches Wine Line

Star Trek: Picard Wine Line

Star Trek: Picard warps to a galaxy near you soon.  The return of The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard beams onto CBS All Access.  Let’s see what’s out there… Engage! For Trekkers, Trekkies or just casual Trek fans, it’s time for joyous celebration.  Celebrations call for a fitting party. Want to toast to its success? Why not pick up a fine line of wine connected with the sci-fi show.  Yes, that’s right. Chateau Picard Vineyards will soon be boasting some powerful, potent cosmic vino. Transported to you by Starfleet shuttle and at warp speed: Here comes booze you can be proud of – Chateau Picard Wine.

Picard Chateau Vineyards Simply Taste Better

Laugh Trek caught up with those perfectionist Picard bottlers, proud purveyors of fine wine.  We wanted to chat about those boozy grapes.

Why is Jean-Luc Picard overly obsessed with imbibing booze?  More importantly, when there is still so much chaos in the galaxy, should we be worried he’s off stomping grapes and not stomping bad aliens?

It’s a Picard family tradition, they all love liquor.  You could even call them a bunch of boozy boozehounds. Moreover, and most importantly, Picard can chew gum, stomp grapes and stomp bad guys – all during the same temporal anomaly – trust us!

Star Trek: Picard Wine Line

As for his obsession with liquor, I’d say he’s far more Lady Gaga over Earl Grey Tea.  

Naturally.  Will we be seeing an Earl Grey Tea liquor anytime soon?  Say something light for drinking with breakfast or brunch?

Indeed.  It may happen.  I can see EGT emblazoned on a nice bottle.

Star Trek: Picard will be tempting our fans with a number of lip smacking booze batches.  Also look for a line of beers. Our first batch is called Baldwin Beer, and we assure you, it will give ya quite a frosty kick!

Any truth to the rumor of a Locutus Liquor line coming out?  Undoubtedly, it would assimilate us all.

Locutus Liquor would be a wonderful confection of spirits, yes.  Just imagine all the kinds of trouble you could get into once you drank a few glasses.  When all is said and done, we have the Borg to thank for one of our taglines: Resistance Is Thirsty!