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Captain Picard is wrong, The Borg Queen Wasn’t Unique

Locutus & Borg Queen

Captain Picard wasn’t paying close attention during his ordeal fighting the Borg.  In the 1996 feature film, Star Trek: First Contact, he called the Borg Queen unique.  Picard said this to Data, as the Starfleet android officer lay damaged on the floor of Enterprise 1701-E.

Was she really unique?  And more importantly, as was later evidenced, Picard’s statement agrees with Data saying she’s dead.  Picard uses the past tense. The Queen WAS unique.

Captain Picard is dismissing her for all time.  Their exchange is as follows:

Data: ‘Strange…. Part of me is sorry she is dead.

Picard: ‘She was unique.’

Data: ‘She brought me closer to humanity than I never thought possible.

Throughout Starship Enterprise’s entanglement with the Borg, Picard of all humans, should realize the dreaded cybernetic race doesn’t employ the same kind of command structure as Starfleet on its massive cube vessels.  Or, more specifically, the Borg appear to utilize a cloud based or a redundant back-up of its monarch. The Queen, for lack of a better human reference, is replicated through clone bodies – or similar surrogate humanoid hosts – which retain, swap and copy all experiential data, analytics and memories with all the other Queens.  

After all, in the Next Generation episode, Best of Both Worlds, Picard transformed into Locutus – a sort of super drone Borg representative.  Locutus appeared to be a spokesman or public relations agent for the rampaging cyborg invaders.

As Trekkers and Trekkies would see years later on Star Trek: Voyager, the Queen – played by the incredible Alice Krige – is alive and well in the Borg stronghold of the Delta Quadrant.  Admiral Janeway, fresh from her time tripping journey from the Alpha Quadrant, fools the Queen and destroys her.

Locutus & Borg Queen

But does she?  

How can an entity who’s personality and memories are backed-up and or cloud based ever be destroyed for good?

During their forced reunion, Picard says to the Borg Queen, ‘Yes, I remember you.  You were there all the time, but that ship and all the Borg on it were destroyed.

The Queen replies, ‘You think in such three dimensional terms.  How small you’ve become.’

Indeed, not only does Picard not appreciate this Borg leader is simply a clone, copy or surrogate – posessing the same memories as the Queen who assimilated him years before – but his Locutus faculties have failed him.

How can an assimilated drone, albeit freshly indoctrinated, and one who didn’t last long courtesy of Dr. Crusher’s medical ministrations, not know of his Queen’s most important powers?  After Picard’s ignorance, we’re left to believe Borg Drones take a pretty long time to know their leader can’t really ever be destroyed – at least in a conventional way humans operate and live.

With the upcoming CBS All Access show, Star Trek: Picard, the one time Captain of Enterprise 1701-E apparently holds a secret.  The teaser trailer asks why did he leave Starfleet.  Is Picard’s secret something to do with the Borg?  Has Locutus come back in some way?  Been reactivated after a fashion?  Time will tell, but this time around, we truly hope Locutus Picard gets it right, and realizes that his Queen is a monarch for now and forever – for all time.