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‘Game of Thrones’ spins-off ‘Game of Phones’

Thrones or Phones?

Game of Thrones ending GOT ya down?  For many diehard fans, the HBO smash hit is ending its mega existence way too soon.  Of course, for more than a few Throne Drones, GOT has gotten a bit stale.  Anyway you cut it, those high flying dragons are gonna breathe their last fire breath soon.  What to do, dragon devotees? How does playing a Game of Phones sound?  If all goes as well as GOT producers hope, their new spin-off will see GOT fans playing phone tag for many seasons.

So – GOT Phone?

GOT Thrones or GOT Phones?

It’s pretty darn simple – do you want to capture a few dusty, metallic thrones or do you wish to dominate the world using high tech phones?  This shapes up as the new mandate and core mission GOT producers are determined to fulfill with their TV spin-off.

Stop with the moans about not having your precious (insert Gollum voice) thrones, welcome in a new cast of phones.

Laugh Trek sat down with Game of Thrones creatives to talk thrones and phones.

Prep us.  What’s the skinny thinny minny on GOP?  Phones? I just really can’t see it happening.  What’s the damn dragon deal here?

Calm down there.  Breathe, fanboy, breathe.  Stress kills.  This is not the end of your fantasy world.  It’s not as weird as you might imagine. Think about it as hard as your little monkey brain can.  Everyone loves their phone, correct? Many people wish to even conquer or dominate others with their iPhone or Android.  Make a bit more sense now, doesn’t it?

Frankly, no.  No, it doesn’t at all.  It still sounds pretty dang dumb.

Well, we’re betting that a whole lot of phone fans will think it rocks!

Thrones or Phones?

Oh I’m sure you are GOT creatives.  But what’s the basic plot – other than a premise of gaming with phones?  So like phone games? Mobile games?

Our cast will be vying for the Iron Phone.  There will be all sorts of sex and violence and dragons using phones.  In the end, only one can control and dominate by utilizing the Iron Phone!

That’s it.  It just sounds like you are doing GOT with Phones.  Iron Phone, geez…..

Oh it will be much more, we assure you!  Just tune in and stream with our HBO app.  Thrones or Phones, it’s all the same fame game!