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Comic Book Revenge: The Paybacks Are Coming For You

Gonna get Paid Back?

Comic book mayhem satisfies.  After they’ve surrendered to pulpy pages, fans experience a cathartic rush like few other pursuits.  Call it a love for adventure, the fascination for mind bending sci-fi or the thirst to see the new gods in action.  Whatever the motivation, it’s compelling.  Hollywood realized this efficient entertainment equation long ago. Movies adapted from comics deliver the giddy goods. Look at the films which now rule the global box office.  Captain Marvel and Shazam toppled cinematic challengers, and Avengers: Endgame broke most film records.

Comic book profit make common sense.     

Life and death struggles depicted in pulp fiction target our sense of noble justice and fair play.  If you’re a super villain, comic book fates usually mean you’re going to lose. You’re going down. Just ask the most well known; Ultron, Joker, Penguin, Loki or Thanos.  These bold baddies get payback for their crimes.

That’s the golden ticket, the gleaming key to the most compelling of the comic book powered tales.  Righting a wrong. Revenge. Just desserts. Payback.

But what’s left for the common guy and gal?  Who looks out for them? How do they get payback?

If the comic book world revolves mainly around payback, a super team should be assembled which does just that – pays back those deserving of it.

Fear not ye downtrodden.  Hold your head high, exploited ones.  The Paybacks are coming to pay it back – and then some.

Payback’s A Bitch & A Bastard

Laugh Trek scoured the comic world to find The Payback creators.  We can assure you, these guys aren’t advertising their whereabouts.

What kinds of crimes and criminals are The Paybacks going to take care of?

You name it – take your pick.  But they will always involve the common person.  We’re not talking about saving the world or correcting a corrupt time line.  Those are for those flashy new godlings.  We’re all about the gritty street and neighborhood.

We’re talking Batman, Punisher and Deadpool territory – sort of The Equalizer of comics?

Nice comparison.  The Paybacks will be paying back thugs and two bit criminals – those focused on preying on the vulnerable.  

Gonna get Paid Back?

Our curiosity is duly piqued.  Who can we expect to pay our enemies back?

Much like the Avengers or X-Men, we’re going with a codename and then Payback.  So Hulk’s an Avenger. Avenger Iron Man. Tony Payback. Maria Payback. Etc. This way we always remind fans just who we are and what we’re doing.

Nice.  Is there a Payback Tower or Payback Cave?

We’re going with a Payback Grotto.  A nice cozy grotto for our team to relax in and also work.  That seems long overdue. So come on, come all – pay us a visit at our grotto and come away with some satisfying Payback.