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Game Of Thrones Dragons Speak – ‘Glad it’s nearly over’

GOT Dragons Speak

Game Of Thrones fan or fanatic?  You know the series would be nothing without those fire spouting dragons.  These magnificent, magical creatures make the show more fun, more cool and far more violent.  What better way to deal with a village than to burn it down into the smoldering ground, courtesy of these flame breathing behemoths?

Now that the HBO hit series is finally concluding, the winged wonders are speaking out.  Unlike some of the humans, the dragons are stoked their GOT is concluding. “We’re glad it’s nearly over.  Enough destruction. It’s getting truly old.”

Dragons Ain’t Dragging Ass

Laugh Trek cozied up to a few fiery guys to get the lowdown on Game of Thrones going bye-bye.  In real life, dragons aren’t nearly as intimidating. Actually, they’re kind of cuddly – once you get over the nightmarish fact they can burn you to a crisp with but a full flare of their enormous nostrils.

We wasted no time in asking our winged gang just how fun things can be for them on a hit TV show.

GOT boasts legions of fans all around the globe.  How does all of the spectacular fame and adoration feel?

(groaning)  Oh yeah, it’s ever so great.  We can barely go out in public anymore.  We get throngs of weirdos wanting to pose with us.  Asking to ride on our backs and go flame out someone they hate.  Imagine, each and every day of your life being asked by people to burn other human beings alive,  It’s no fun. That kind of behavior is simply monstrous.

How can you say that?  We see you on GOT burning folks alive all the time!

Yes, indeed you do.  You watch us ON A TV SHOW.  

People, get this through your thick monkey skulls.  HBO films us doing things for a fictional television series.  It’s all bunk. Don’t you get that by now? This is playtime. Delusion 101.  You delude yourself for like an hour. Then, you go back to your humdrum lives.  You know like Avengers: Endgame. That’s also fake crap.  Fake.  Fiction.  Make Believe.  (groans) Man, I’m so tired of explaining this fundamental shit all the time.

GOT Dragons Speak

You’ve ruined my fantasy, dragon!  I’ll have you know. Thanks!

Gee, how awful for you.  And we’re left with being the big bad villains of GOT.  Everyone loves to hate us.  Or, is that hates to love us?  Whatever!  Bottom line: We gotta put on a show and scorch things to putrid ash.  It’s gotten stale and we’re glad Game of Thrones is over.

What about the GOT prequel series being discussed?

(sighing)  You had to bring that up, didn’t you?  OK. You’ve got this coming. Stay within a few feet of my nose.  Don’t move when the flames roar out of my mouth – it’ll only make burning you up longer and far more painful.