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Avengers Spin-off Launching – Here Come The Revengers

Avenging Revenge?

Avengers, assemble!  But will you avenge or take revenge?  That’s the heady super hero focused question posed by pro Marvel fanboys.  With the wild, planetary success of Endgame, fans scream out for far more folk hero fun.  However, how many more movies starring Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man and the Hulk can you make before you jump the good old Jaws?  

It’s simple mathematics.  Marvelous comic book writers need new avenues to creatively wander down and new equations to explore and balance.  

Endgame = Marvel Comics Squared.

Perhaps most importantly of all – how many times can you avenge a wrong?  Moreover, isn’t it far more giddy fun to take revenge than to simply avenge?  Accordingly, get ready my true believing comic communing folks – The Revengers are coming.  These little bastards are gonna tear your soul apart.

Avenge or Revenge?

Laugh Trek determined our own best revenge lay in getting information.  We sought revenge against all which bored us, and soon found The Revengers creators more than willing to chat.

Going from the avenge process to a revenge scheme – what’s the deal?

Say someone vandalizes your car.  They totally trash it but good. You catch them in the act.  Those responsible for the crime are brought to justice. You’ve avenged a wrong.  So, you’re an Avenger – right? Great.

Now say you take that same scenario and instead of bringing them to justice, you vandalize their car.  The car is so destroyed, it’s a complete junk heap.  It’s a real shitbox!  What are you now?

I am a Revenger?

Precisely!  See the grandeur of what we’ve done there?

Wait a marvel of a minute here, you’re clearly advocating revenge?  Retaliation?

Is revenge simply a more satisfying way to avenge?  You tell me.

Avenging Revenge?

We pass.  We’ll simply drown in semantics.  Let’s hear about some of these characters.  Can you tell us who’s on the revenge seeking team?

The Revengers core team line-up is:  Vengeance, Pay-Back, Come-Uppance, Ms. Vengeful, Captain Goes Round, Commander Comes Round and finally The Bulk.

The Bulk.  Like The Hulk, I’d imagine?

Yes, he’s just much more bulkier, but not really hulkier.

Yeah, Hulk really kills it in the hulky department.  Is he green too?

No, kind of mauve.  As you can see, The Revengers will give our thirsting fans the best chance at merciless, bloody revenge.  The Avengers, they simply avenge. Our Revengers exact revenge!