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Avengers: Endgame Sequel Announced – Endgame II Coming

Not The End?

Avengers: Endgame faithful fans, ready for a shocker?  Ready to take in much more?  More Thor and more roar?  How’s about more gore? More Iron Man?  What about more Thanos?  You’ve barely had time to exhale and unload, and Marvel’s gone and announced a sequel.

Sequel?  WTF?

Yup, true believers!  If Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame wasn’t enough for you – and honestly, it wasn’t, was it? – Endgame II will swoop down to satisfy any remaining avenging Avengers withdrawal.

Laugh Trek caught up with the magnificent, marvelous Marvel to get the nitty gritty inside scoop.

My little fanboy head’s still spinning.  Come on, this has gotta be a Joker’s joke.  Endgame II – really?

Joker’s joke?  That’s DC!  Our sworn arch enemy!  Do not mention them in our godly presence.  Thanks!

Right.  Sure. OK.  Whatever.  Anyway, the end of Avengers is Endgame – it’s right in the title!  How can there ever be an Endgame II?

(laughs manically)  Um, we can definitely tell you’re not a true fan!  (more mocking laughter)

Am too!  I am too a fan!  I even wear Avengers underwear!  You should see how Thanos and his gauntlet folds nicely over my buttocks.

Ewwww.  That’s just pathetic, and it tells us you’re psychotic, but not a loyal fan.  You’re not fanatical. If you were, you’d realize that precious comic books are all about revisiting stuff – over and over and over again.  Endgame cries out for a sequel.

Not The End?

This isn’t a two-parter.  It’s a trilogy?

If you’d like…..  Why not.

Whoa.  OK. I don’t know where to go from here, honestly.  I guess we’re supposed to just ignore THE END – when we see it come the closing credits?

Oh, really – did you actually see THE END?  Can you be sure about it?

Well, yeah, pretty sure. 

Um, yep.  We told ya so!  There ya go.  Happy now?  Does seeing THE END in a movie truly mean it’s the end?  That it’s really over for good?  I submit this completely logical query to your non fan mind.  Now, we marvels at Marvel have to get going to produce more Avengers movies which nobody ever can miss – legally that is.  There’s a law pending now in Congress.  Watch out!  Soon, it will be a punishable crime not to see our films. You’ve been warned, true criminals, I mean believers!