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Avengers: Endgame Meet Star Trek: Voyager Endgame

The End of Two Sci-Fi Titans

Avengers: Endgame fans, get ready for the history books.  The movie you’ve dearly waited for may shatter box office records.  Indeed, The Hollywood Reporter says the film preps for a 850 to 900 million dollar haul.  Though even if it doesn’t perform as well as many think it will, the dramatic culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe likely won’t disappoint.  

And yet amid all the sci-fi fan revelry, Star Trek: Voyager fans feel an odd sense of deja vu regarding the Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Brolin starring blockbuster.  It’s like they went through something like this already.

You see, Voyager fans already enjoyed their Endgame many years ago.

A Star Trek Series Finale Fit For A Borg Queen

For seven action packed and suspenseful seasons, Voyager fans awaited the day their beloved Starfleet vessel would warp home to Sector 001.  It had to be a special time. Thankfully, Trek producers didn’t disappoint. The Borg, one of Trek’s most hauntingly lethal enemies, would figure importantly in the story plot line.  Yet, perhaps most curiously of all, Captain Janeway would find herself somehow helping herself help her crew.

Another version of Kathryn Janeway assists in the triumphant homecoming.  This wouldn’t be an alien impostor – some kind of shape shifting or identity stealing Changeling.  Nor was it a mirror dimension counterpart nor android doppelganger Janeway replacement up to no good.  Admiral Janeway, travelling from the far future, clashes with her former crew, most notably, butting heads with her own shocked self.

Game of Ends: The End of Two Sci-Fi Titans

Janeway, meet an older Janeway.  Talk about talking to yourself!

In the end (fitting title, Endgame, isn’t it?) the two Starfleet Janeways – along with original, and best Borg Queen, guest star Alice Krige, mix it up memorably.  They give fans an ending game they’d never forget. The feature length episode was so well received, it snagged two Emmy Awards – one for Outstanding Musical Composition and Outstanding Visual Effects.

Avengers: Endgame involves fixing a ‘bad timeline’ – what else do you call one where half of everyone dies?  It’s the 2nd part to Avengers: Infinity War so it must clean up that bloodbath of a flick’s mess.  So, if you’re a Star Trek fan and you go to the cinema to see Marvel’s Endgame, you’ll recall your own ultimate finale – broadcast on UPN nearly 18 years ago.