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The Easter Bunny Recruited by Marvel Cinematic Universe

Enter The E Bunny

Easter Bunny playing on the same war ravaged battlefield as Thor and Iron Man?  Scarlet Witch and Black Widow bopping and hopping along side the chief egg hider?  Yep. Believe it or not, it’s going to happen. Loyal fans know the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU sparkles bright and complex enough to embrace any character imaginable.  Now, the role model for delish chocolate bunny sculpting the world over will battle cosmic spawned evil shoulder to shoulder with Hulk and Hawkeye.

Before you lose your lunch and devour a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans, know this: Hippity Hoppity the Easter Bunny is well on his butt busting way.

Funny Bunny or Rotten Rabbit?

Laugh Trek hopped along our well worn bunny trail to track down a marvelous rumor.  We munched on so many hard boiled eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps, the sugar high beckoned dreamily.  

Finally, before we collapsed into a genuine Easter candy coma, we got a hold of MCU execs to explain the logic behind snagging the funny bunny.  And we don’t mean Bugs Bunny.  This is the big hoppy E. His code name reads as E Bun.

Is this sort of like giving us the new Rocket Racoon?  Is E Bun going to go toe to toe with Guardians of the Galaxy?  My money’s on the raccoon (laughing)

Look, laugh all you want, but E Bun’s powers and abilities will not only shock you, they’ll get the full attention of the entire MCU.  E Bunny isn’t just about eggs and candy. He’s oh so much more.  E Bunny or E Bun may stand for Easter Bunny, but in our book it stands for Epic.

Point taken.  Getting all those tooth decaying treats to the youngsters isn’t exactly easy or brief.

It’s a gargantuan process.  Tony Stark and Stark Industries would have quite a time managing it. 

And we’re all wondering how does he do it?  It’s the mystery which has puzzled the planet for the longest time.  Get ready to see E Bun project his powerful energy waves. It’s going to change the super hero game in all ways.

Enter The E Bunny

Powerful energy waves!?  Oooh tell us more!

I’d love to, but I’d rather show you – when our E Bun trailer is ready, but it’s not.  

Picture those huge bunny feet thumping against Loki’s evil head. Imagine E Bun directing all those lovely waves of energy right at Thanos.  Soon, you won’t have to imagine that – we’ll bring it to you in all sorts of incredible pastel colors. Be patient, E Funny Bunnies, the Bunny is coming!

Drats.  When can we expect to see E Bun’s dramatic appearance?

Well, he does have a little holiday called Easter to take care of, afterwards, he’ll be joining The Avengers.  Perhaps he’ll even mix it up with X-Men or The Fantastic Four. He’s definitely a flexible force and he’ll be hopping onto the trail of truth and noble bravery.