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Wesley Crusher claims, ‘I’m way smarter than Data.’

Wes Crusher - Super Genius!

Wesley Crusher may only serve as Acting Ensign Crusher aboard Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Galaxy class starship, but he’s not discouraged.  How many Federation kids can brag to friends their Mom being stationed on a Starship led to them actually piloting the vessel?

Dr. Crusher’s son, by all reliable reports, is a prodigy in all measurable regards.  He isn’t shy about listing his impressive accomplishments.  And although it may sound outrageous, Wes Crusher claims he’s far more intelligent than a super computer which walks around Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the Soong android, Mister Data.

Gee, Wes, can you be just a tad more outspoken?  Don’t hold back, Mr. Crusher!

Wesley can be an extremely thoughtful young man.  When we were ready to talk to him, he made it clear he wasn’t being competitive, simply honest.  He says this on being compared to one of his more capable crew mates, “I hate to burst anybody’s warp bubble, but I’m way smarter than our Android, Data.”

Artificial Intelligence Quotient

Why even compare yourself and your abilities to artificial intelligence?  Isn’t it a losing battle from the get go?

“I can clearly see that you don’t truly understand the complex algorithmic dynamics, do you?  Apparently, you don’t understand artificial intelligence, nor do you understand the android, Data.  AI is great.  It certainly performs well, and it’s fast at solving problems, however, many humans are smarter than A.I.  I just happen to be smarter than most humans, and that means I’m way smarter than Data – even on his best day.”

Wes Crusher – Super Genius!

Wow.  What a statement.  Have you matched wits with him officially?  You know, in a kind of human/android IQ battle?  Like that Strategema game with that anal retentive Kolrami dude?

Wes giggles loudly, “Oh man.  Starfleet, come save my sweet genius ass cheeks now!  See, I don’t have to do that.  I have worked with Data for quite a long time now.  I know what he is capable of. Naturally, I know the amazing feats of intelligence, skill and strategy that yours truly is capable of performing.  Haven’t you been looking at our StarDate reports? The logs?  Don’t you know I have saved the butt of every loser on this damn ship? Do I have to spell it out–”

Thanks, Mister Crusher!  Laugh Trek, Out!

Obviously, Wesley Crusher is way too intelligent for us mere average mortals.  Who knows, he could be the smartest bastard in all of Starfleet – or even the known, charted galaxy.  He may be way smarter than Data.  Hell, he may be smarter than all over Memory Alpha combined with the Borg, but you know what – we don’t friggin care.