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Worf admits, “Klingons Can Be Dickheads”



Worf, the celebrated Starfleet Klingon reveals a hard, but necessary truth.  He wants you to know something deeply ingrained about his honorable race.  “As much as I respect and deeply love my race, Klingons can be gigantic dickheads at the worst possible times. It’s just a basic truth of our enigmatic culture.  Dickish or prickish, that’s us in spades.”

Tricky Dicky Pricky

Laugh Trek knew that a conversation on the dicksh and pricksh nature of the galaxy’s most fearsome warriors would be more than interesting.  However, the intellectual rewards weren’t foremost on our minds. We knew we had to prepare for battle – even just a mental one.

The Mental Warrior is an often used phrase in the Klingon vernacular.  It simply means one who is ready for battle in the mind – basically where the fight truly begins and ends.

In other words, we got real and got our shit together.

Sitting down with the Enterprise Security Officer proved illuminating to say the least.

Dickish and prickish – or just dickheads – what’s the real deal?

I’d safely say dickish and prickish can be used interchangeably.  As for being dickheads, yeah, that’s what they can be. Take Duras as a good example.  We all remember what a big fat dickhead that jerk was – need I say more?

Galactic Dickheads

Well, we’d love you to say a bit more – as in why are Klingons such dickheads?  Can you list the reasons? Is it similar to why humans, Romulans and even Vulcans can be prime prickheads?

You’re really onto something.  Sure.  And I’d even venture that when compared to many of those other races, Klingons aren’t even as dickish as say those snobby Vulcans.  For years those bozos didn’t even consider time travel as a viable, theoretical scientific pursuit. We all know how that turned out – stubborn bastards!

When all is said and done, Klingons, through their incredibly stubborn nature and honor bound proclivities, tend to be enormous dickheads.  My Enterprise crew mates such as Commander William T. Riker and Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge love to tease me, ‘Hey Worf, that bumpy head on Klingons goes right along with them being dickheads!’   All in all – good times.