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Spock Tech Panic Button Now Available

Vulcan Tech Solution

Vulcan Techie Solution

Spock is a supremely logical Vulcan.  If he founded a pop vocal band, they’d be the Logical Supremes.  He’s always telling folks about the calm he strictly maintains.  He’d definitely be the Diana Ross of the group.  He’s also calm, cool and otherwise completely collected.  However, there are times – you know what happens.  Spock can be, let’s say, direct.  The first officer of Captain Kirk’s Enterprise can be so direct, he can be lethal.  The makers of the Spock Tech Panic Button decided to exploit the Vulcan’s raw side.

Spock Crock Block

Laugh Trek sat down with the crafty creators of the Spock Tech Panic Button for more than a little inside information scoop.  The creative team impressed us as thoroughly nerdy and geeky – all at the same feakin time.

OK, geeky guys.  I’m working on a big ass Excel Spreadsheet.  Boom! Something goes wrong. My puter locks up – the data is there, but I’m not sure if it saved.  What’s next?

Simple – Spock to the rescue!  The Spock Tech Panic Button is affordable, easy to use and always within reach in those tough tech times.

Vulcan Tech Solution
Vulcan Techie Solution

Yeah, OK – gotcha.  But what exactly happens?  We call for him – what’s he gonna do for us – to remedy our tragic situation?

He’ll fly into a Pon Far like rage and he’ll quickly and efficiently destroy your computer.  Our Vulcan panic button will accomplish just what you would do – kick the ass of your offending device.  Isn’t that great?

Well, no, it’s not – because I want to save my data.  I thought the Tech Panic Button SAVED our asses – not made things worse!

Look, your computer has screwed up your work.  You’ve probably lost all your shit anyway. What’s there left to do save to accept your lot in life and simply destroy any memory of that crappy computer?  Spock may be many things to many people, but to the tech hopeless – he’ll be a savior.