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‘Thank You For Not Smutting’ Campaign Goes National

Serious Need For Smutty Decline

Good news for the anti-smut among us.  The Thank You For Not Smutting campaign gains traction.  Just when you thought it was safe to spread your particular kind of smut, a few puritanical concerned citizens acted in the public’s behalf.  Like the pop song merrily warbles and warns the perky paranoid among us, I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.

Guess what?  Now they are!

Now, just when you think you can get away with sending a lewd nude photo or candy randy sext text, you’ll see an enormous sign forbidding you to do the dirty deed.

In other words:  Don’t strut your smut, Sir Butt Smut!

We All Drown In A Smut Glut Gaudier Than King Tut

Smutty stuff rears its smutty head everywhere these days.  Laugh Trek tries its best to be in the know. And we know this because we’re forever on the lookout for the smutty stuff.  Purely for research and editorial purposes, of course.

We needed to get to the bottom of the smutty butty.  Laugh Trek sat down with the creators of Thank You For Not Smutting, to prune and smoothly pick their brains clean of the withering worry of smut.

Guys, a smut glut?  Really? Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn – nor see it.

Well, we saw a smut glut and we promptly created the campaign, so there!  Nyah! Nyah! 

But seriously, smutting is just that – serious business. Do we want our kids or our old ladies and old men wading around in smutty stuff.  I don’t think so!

Serious Need For Smutty Decline

Can’t old ladies and old dudes take care of themselves?  They’ve seen a helluva lot more than most of us – why worry over them?

Old folks can be fragile folk.  We all know it to be true.  Granny sits on her big fat fanny eating bonbons all day.  Right?  She may freak out if she sees real dirty smut.  Old folks need our guidance.  It’s simply their way. They don’t have the sophisticated attitudes the younger set owns and refines.  Besides, back in their day the smutty didn’t exist.

Huh?  Watcha talkin bout Willis?  Come again?  Smut didn’t exist before now?

Nope.  Imagine?  We’ve done extensive research on it, and smut is a relatively new phenomenon.  Thank You For Not Smutting addresses the need for the modern world’s smutty problem.  Smutty peddlers, and you know who you are, will be duly warned and educated by our responsible campaign.  Face it, you’ll be Smutty Putty in our purifying hands!