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S.T.A.R. Labs Renames Kryptonite to Cryptonite


Krypt or Crypt?

Kryptonite perfectly progressing?  Maybe, maybe not. The brand, marketable name certainly changes.  Superman’s dread element transforms before our wondering eyes. Those in charge of such sci-fi specifics tell us that the potent jade rock will no longer use the iconic K.  S.T.A.R. Labs, that bastion of higher learning and geek tech, announces that from now on, the big K is all about the crypt. Get ready for a rather tame fame name game. Cryptonite rockets into our usage stratosphere.

Kryptonite Puts Supes In A Crypt

We know the big K can definitely spell the big D for Krypton natives like Superman.  And though death for a Kryptonian may be somewhat different or even arguable in comparison to us Earthlings, it still more than sucks.  

Laugh Trek sat down cozily with a few of the more nerdy nerds from S.T.A.R. Labs to see just what all the Kryptonite fuss was about.

So, you’re putting The Tales From The Crypt into good ole Kryptonite.  Why is this so important? Don’t you geeks have anything better to do than rename death dealing radioactive minerals?

Well, we know that most people love to keep track of all the primary things which thwart our super powered folk.  Following all the issues which concern metahumans is, after all, pretty darned marvelous meta. Wouldn’t you say?

Sure.  Yup.  Nerd is the word.  And is the strong emphasis on crypt supposed to make us all more aware of its death dealing properties when exposed to good ole Kryptonian Kal-El?

Somewhat.  It’s always nice knowing what can fell our heroes.  But remember death can be a very negotiable thing, wouldn’t you say?

Krypt or Crypt? 

As we well know, putting Superman into a crypt does not necessarily mean he’s going to be dead nor even remain dead.  Or at the very least, it doesn’t mean he’s going to stay dead – for long or good. Agreed?

Ah.  I see what you did there.  Yes. Nice.  What of a more important question:  Finding a cure or a nullification for Kryptonite or Cryptonite in the first place.  Isn’t that what we all basically want and need in the end?

Go to the Batcave, circumvent and defeat the massive cutting edge security protocols and then ask Batman that simple little question.  He’ll give ya a big Nah. Remember: Cryptonite – or the old standard, Kryptonite – is the only thing which stands between us and a crazed, over the top psychotic Superman wrecking civilization as we know it.  And, Lord knows, we don’t want to see that happen, now do we?