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As Captain Marvel Soars, Marvel Girl says, ‘Don’t Forget Me!’

Marvel Girl

Forgotten One?

Captain Marvel marvels as one comic book superhero decidedly on the grow.  The woman with great power seems everywhere these days. Her movie is a blockbuster and both fans and naysayers keep talking about her.  It’s a great time to be a Marvel Comics fan. But what about that original Marvel Girl? She’s being lost in the noise of the current MCU.

She Is A Real Marvel

So who exactly is this mega Marvel Girl?  Is she some kind of new kid on the block? Or is she a nervy impostor trying to take away Captain M’s thunder?  What makes her so darned marvelous?

Well, you actually know her already – but by another name, or several really.  Jean Grey, gifted psychic for Professor’s X’s X-Men, was originally called Marvel Girl.  When her darkside power manifested itself in the Phoenix form, we added yet another name to an ever growing list.

Most loyal comic book fans remember that the original Captain Marvel from 1967 was an alien man – a Kree warrior.  There’s no gender reassignment with this original character. But the long lost Marvel Girl seems to be a name forever relegated to days gone by. 

Marvel Girl
Forgotten One?

Loyal fans also recall Jean Grey’s not the only one who used Marvel as a code name. Yes there are two other Marvel characters who went by or go by Marvel Girl.  However, the first and most famous remains the psychic powerhouse, X-Men member Jean Grey.

Marvelous No More?

Are we to forget about Marvel Girl now that there’s a Captain Marvel setting the comic book movie galaxy aflame?  

Fans mostly embraced Captain Marvel’s standalone movie, yet there’s still conflict on her role in Infinity War’s 2nd chapter, Endgame.  Considering Disney absorbed Fox – along with X-Men cinematic rights – it appears another Marvel Girl could come to save the day within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.