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Goop to Poop, Gwyneth Paltrow Changes Company Name

Goop Poop

Poop or get off the pot

Goop or Poop?  This poses as the vital marketing question posed by Gwyneth Paltrow.  The classy Oscar winning actress – though she says she was merely masquerading as one – now lifestyle guru mulls a name change.  No, her own Renaissance sounding and somewhat poetic designation won’t be overhauled.  Paltrow’s keeping Gwyneth.  Here’s the inside poop.  Paltrow’s company, Goop, may be transforming into Poop.

Goopy or Poopy

Laugh Trek sampled some poop from Goop.  We jumped up as mucho impressed.  At times we were confused and more than a little puzzled by the overwhelming variety of it all.  Talk about goop poop. Goop has poop in great, wonderful even overwhelming quantity.

We sat down with a future Poop rep to divine all that special kind of goop poop has to offer the world, or even the known galaxy.

OK, now we’re calling you guys Poop?  Goop is no more? Give us the 411, oh poopy people.

Think about how much we all just talk shit – ya know?  It’s get your shit together. Do you got all your shit?  What kind of shit are you talking about?  We’re all shitfaced here.  That’s some cool ass shit!  So, yeah, goopy goes poopy. We’re putting the shit in Poop – that’s a promise!

Goop Poop
Poop or get off the pot

Yeah, good point – never did stop to think about just how much we talk shit, and mean shit and market shit.  Such poopy pondering.

We’re all about poop at Goop.  Well, now our very name and identity shall reflect who and what we are and what we do.  Poop will set to rest all notions of what we’re offering our customers. We’re gonna give ya all great shit – some great poop.

So, we gotta know this more than anything really.  What’s the poop balance?  Meaning how do you manage to balance so much shit at one company?

It’s not easy.  People get shitfaced from time to time.  Poopy play is never easy for anyone really.  We’ve learned a lot from our loyal customers at Goop.  So now, Poop will simply sling that hot mess of shitty shit even more more and more often.